Ford Mustang: Wild horse with a strong cowboy spirit

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The "rare" Ford Mustang V8 2.3L is considered an icon of American muscle cars - a famous line of cars known for their powerful and exhilarating performance, representing the "face of masculinity" in the land of the stars and stripes.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-01Although it has dimensions of 4.784 x 1.916 x 1.381 mm (DxWxH) and a wheelbase of 2.720 mm - equivalent to a standard C-class sedan, the passenger space of the Ford Mustang is quite modest with only 4 seats and the rear seats cannot be comfortably occupied - even for children.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-02This is a typical example of the philosophy of "functional design" in car manufacturing. Instead of focusing on passenger convenience, the Ford Mustang - as well as many other classic American muscle cars - aims for superior performance.

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The evidence is that the engine compartment of the Ford Mustang has a very long length along the body of the car, pushing the A-pillar deep into the rear. Most of the space is designed for the V8 engine - the soul that creates the power of the famous racing horse.

This is also the similarity between the Ford Mustang and the true American cowboy spirit: they may not wear suits, have slicked-back hair like office guys, but they always exude a rugged, masculine, and robust muscular beauty.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-05In terms of design, the Ford Mustang still maintains the silhouette of the golden age coupes, with a long hood and sloping roofline that exudes a strong fastback vibe. Along the body of the car are simple yet muscular lines that are very sleek and powerful.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-06The hood is stamped to be sturdy and decorated with two vents to supplement the V8 engine's airflow underneath. The majority of the front grille area is reserved for a rounded hexagonal-shaped radiator grille, providing a sleek, non-rigid feel.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-07The logo of a metal carriage horse, polished and shiny, is placed off-center to the right side of the car's front instead of the usual central position - reflecting pride in the wild origin of the renowned car brand, with maximum consideration for the driver.
ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-08On either side is a lighting system with a large round traditional-style projector. Three bold LED lines run in parallel right next to it, acting as a demi light system, further increasing the already distinct identity of the Mustang.
ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-09The chassis of the Ford Mustang is very sleek with a set of large, double-spoke design rims. The thin tire walls optimize performance and fully display the high-performance disc brake system with equally large sizes on the inside.

Present under the rearview mirror - right on the edge of the tire well - the "High Performance 2.3L" decal boldly affirms once again the superior performance capabilities of this American horse compared to the mundane other models rolling on the streets every day.

However, the rearview mirror is a big drawback. The mirror's surface area is very small, combined with the thick design of column A and the sloping roof style at the back, which significantly reduces the driver's visibility in the Ford Mustang. Perhaps the car was born to fulfill the ultimate mission of crossing the finish line quickly in "Quarter miles" races - races covering a short distance of about a quarter of a mile, equivalent to over 400m, popular in the US - instead of serving as an everyday utility vehicle.

The tail of the Ford Mustang is also a very attractive feature. The two rear wheel arches are designed with great power, resembling the muscular thighs of the strongest horses galloping on the meadow.

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The rear trunk lid is integrated with a small spoiler, adding a sporty look to the American wild horse model. The front and rear aerodynamic details of the car are all painted in a very cool black color.

In sync with the design of the front headlights, the rear brake light system of the car is also shaped by three parallel diagonal lines. In the center of the car's tail is the iconic galloping horse logo placed inside a circle - a unique and prominent design feature that ensures passersby can immediately recognize it as a Ford Mustang from afar, whether from the front or from the back.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-15Below, the Ford Mustang is equipped with a dual exhaust system with 2 exhaust pipes on each side - a feature of the GT version. Combined with the airflow positioning underbody panel, the Ford Mustang can really hit the racetrack and operate at full throttle whenever the owner is in the mood for speed.

Open the hood and admire the engine bay of the Ford Mustang. This is where the V8 Ecoboost (turbocharged) engine with a displacement of 2.3L resides, capable of delivering 310 horsepower to the rear wheels. On the highest-performance Shelby GT350R version, the car can achieve up to 760 horsepower thanks to the 5.2L VCT V8 engine.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-17When opening the door to step into the car, passengers can easily be impressed with the Mustang logo embossed on the footrest. Once again, the designers remind you: remember that you are stepping onto an American wild horse!


When the seat is stable and the door is closed, passengers will once again feel the 'American car quality' when they hear the sound of the door closing firmly and tightly, which is very satisfying - even though the car uses frameless windows.


Similar to the exterior design, the interior cabin of the Ford Mustang is a blend of classic and modern, ruggedness and athleticism that cannot be overlooked. The thick, sturdy three-spoke steering wheel is wrapped in shiny chrome, with the iconic galloping pony logo placed in the center.


On the steering wheel are the full range of functional keys of the high-end safety driving support package, with features such as lane keeping support, intelligent automatic acceleration, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front... to help the car achieve the 5-star safety standards of the United States.

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Behind the steering wheel, the manufacturer has equipped the Mustang with a large 12-inch electronic display screen that can be customized for each driving mode with a modern interface. This screen prioritizes displaying detailed engine revs and speed, with the redline between 6,500 to 8,000 revolutions per minute.


As a high-performance sports car with a strong emphasis on speed and athleticism, the Ford Mustang comes equipped with a dashboard featuring two gauges for measuring oil pressure and turbo boost pressure - professional-grade components typically only found on racing cars.

On the right-hand side, a metal tag emphasizes once again the position of a "High Performance" racing model with the power coming from a renowned V8 engine block with a capacity of 2.3L.


Below, the car is equipped with a fairly small entertainment information screen, only 8 inches in size, embedded to limit sunlight glare and enhance visibility. This is a car that is imported directly from the United States.


Below the screen is a cluster of entertainment sound adjustment function buttons - the air conditioning system, which is coordinated between a circular rotating knob and square buttons, creating a classic, strong, and extremely masculine feeling for the car.


Specifically, the control keyboard for operating modes located at the bottom is designed in the form of a classic switch, bringing a strong sporty atmosphere to the car. With each different driving mode, the car allows for a lot of operating settings to be adjusted: throttle sensitivity, heavy/light steering response; firm/soft suspension system or the open/closed state of the exhaust pipe.

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Meanwhile, the gear shifter of the Ford Mustang follows a classic design, with a round knob and the safety lever placed right on top. The driver only needs to place their hand on it to quickly shift gears. Of course, the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel are also an indispensable feature on this sporty model.


The American water producer also seems to understand consumers very well, as they retain the need for mechanical handbrakes, with a high and easy-to-grip design - an extremely necessary feature when using a car to perform beautiful "street-burning" drifts.


The front seats of the Ford Mustang are equipped with multi-directional electric adjustments and have thick, supportive seat contours that embrace passengers who weigh less than 80kg. Real-world experience shows that passengers who weigh around 90kg or more may feel somewhat cramped and find it difficult to get comfortable sitting in these seats.

ford-mustang-wild-horse-with-a-strong-cowboy-spirit-30Meanwhile, the back seat space is almost only suitable for storage, not for sitting - even for children. The rear window also has a very limited area and must share the same door as the front seat - meaning that you have to open the door, slide the front seat forward to enter the rear row, and then slide the front seat back and close the door.


Sure, this is completely acceptable because the Ford Mustang is a "sports car" model designed with a priority on driving experience for the driver, rather than a practical daily-use car for the family.


The driving experience shows that if only 1-2 people are traveling, the car can still meet the daily transportation needs well. With the lightest steering wheel setting and maximum exhaust system closure, the Mustang moves fairly smoothly and flexibly in the city - in contrast to when operated in sports mode, the car's steering wheel will be tighter.

As a sports car, the Ford Mustang has an extremely sturdy chassis system that can make passengers feel "pleasantly surprised" when crossing speed bumps, rough roads, or making sharp lane changes on the highway.

The car has a rather sluggish acceleration in normal mode. However, when switched to sport mode and with the exhaust system open, the Ford Mustang immediately brings a sporty atmosphere into the driver's cabin.

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With a solid frame and heavy weight system, the Ford Mustang cannot quickly fly out of control when the driver steps on the accelerator. Instead, the car still provides a smooth and consistent acceleration, giving the driver a sense of acceleration that is firmly grounded - a feeling that we have experienced!


The throttle response and acceleration of the car are extremely sensitive, and the horse will immediately move forward with every slight tap on the gas pedal. And of course, with every such push on the accelerator, the car owner can "fly away with a hamburger" with the V8 engine that "drinks gasoline like water". Of course, this is something that every Mustang enthusiast never has to worry about once they have the means to own the car.


In summary, the Ford Mustang deserves to be an essential choice for speed enthusiasts who appreciate the solid and powerful muscle cars of America. With its eye-catching design, considerable power, and optimal handling, it provides a feeling of addictive speed conquest. It's no wonder that the Ford Mustang has become an icon of the Ford giant, the American muscle car line, and a representative image of the automobile industry in the land of the Stars and Stripes.


Thanks to its long-established reputation and product quality, the Ford Mustang easily ranks 5th among the best-selling models of the Ford brand and has sold over 10 million units worldwide since the horse was introduced in 1964.

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