Roughly speaking Ford Galaxie was the large volume counterpart of Chevrolet Impala back in its days. It is a full-size car, manufactured in the states by the Ford motor company from 1959 through 1974. Apart of the U.S., Australia produced some of the older Galaxies and later Brazil followed the same path.

1959 Model

The first Ford Galaxie came out in 1959 with six models: Galaxie Town Victoria, Galaxie Town Sedan, Galaxie Club Victoria, Galaxie Club Sedan, Galaxie Skyliner Retractable and Galaxie Sunliner. With available engine sizes up to 300 horsepower V-8, no doubt Galaxies were an immediate success for Ford back in the day and still considered a prize possession in any collection.

Galaxie 500 Sedans

Though the first Galaxie 500 was brought in 1962, 500 model became an all-time icon a year later in 1963. Streamlined body, available convertible models, and huge engines: up to 5.8L V-8 with as much as 450 horsepower made these 500s one of the all-time sensations. The Galaxie 500s took a break in 1969 and Ford immediately regretted and brought back 500s the following year.

1963 Model

This is a historic vehicle in the sense that this is the most collected car of Ford in any era. 1963 Ford Galaxie came with a wide array of choices: both varied body and engine combination. Moreover, these models could be custom ordered with just about any engine Ford offered back then. The simple yet gorgeous design of this legendary Galaxie is hard to describe. 1963 will always be a bright year for car collectors, thanks to this beauty.

1964 Ford Galaxie

After the tremendous success of Galaxie, Ford motor company decided to take the Galaxie to the next level. Arguably, 1964 Ford Galaxie was the most attractive Galaxie ever built. Not only dazzling exterior but superb performance instantly took this Galaxie in the hall of fame of all-time collections. This Galaxie was built light weight and keeping performance in mind. This 1964 Ford Galaxie developed a reputation of racing car in no time.

1972 Ford Galaxie

After a break from the Galaxie 500 in 1971, Ford brought back the 500s in 1972. These cars were built strong, luxurious yet surprisingly quiet. One of the pioneer vehicles for ultimate comfort and safety. 1972 Ford Galaxie was a moderate success.

The U.S. production of Ford Galaxie was finally halted in 1974 and Ford decided to concentrate on its other lines. Ford Galaxie production came to an end but not before creating history. Later consolidated with Ford LTD. Even though Galaxie was a success, Ford decided to phase out LTDs replacing Galaxie. LTDs were a huge success too, second-best selling Fords ever!

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