If there's one thing the Ford Fusion range has made a name for itself over the years, it's that the vehicle combines all of the comforts of larger vehicles while “fusing” them into a much smaller body. Drivers have readily taken to the Fusion and the current release of the vehicle is no exception. With its excellent looks, responsive handling, and an engine that's particularly gas-friendly in today's climate of rising gas prices, it's no wonder why so many are considering this as their next vehicle buy.


Whether drivers are looking at the vehicle from its overall exterior stance or its finer details, the Ford Fusion is understated in its beauty and remains one of the most attractive vehicles in the Ford range and indeed the class of vehicle as a whole. Its design is award winning having taken the “2013 Best Car to Buy” distinction and subsequent generations have only continued to improve on its grace as a whole.


The Fusion has taken its interior styling from much larger vehicles and have paired good materials with industry-leading noise deafening and vibration reducing technologies that ensure drivers remain cool and comfortable at all times during their journey. Ford have also taken the time to increase the wheelbase of this year's Fusion, which means taller riders can enjoy the car in even more comfort than before. However, the roof space leaves a bit to be desired, as hitting the sunroof is all too common of a complaint in this year's range.

Under the Hood

The engine leaves a bit to be desired, but that's not to say it struggles. It comes equipped with a 178 horsepower 2.5 liter engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. It achieves a respectable zero to 60 time in a touch under eight seconds and additional model upgrades, such as a Fusion Energy hybrid electric/gasoline engine, achieves more than 40 mpg in combined driving mileage.


The base Ford Fusion comes with a sticker price of MSRP $22,750. Considering its rich assortment of features and performance capabilities, it's surprising to see a vehicle of this nature be priced at such a low point in comparison to other vehicles of its class.

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