The elegant Scion FR-S car covers conceal an even more elegant car model - with improvements since last year which turn the driving experience into a luxurious, prestigious voyage in the realms of nirvana. A peak under the Scion car covers this year reveals not only a stunning beauty but also quality and comfort. Sitting behind the wheel of this car is in itself a cathartic experience - you do not even need to turn on the engine.

In 2017 the Scion FR-S car covers are hiding a true masterpiece. Staying true to the sporty-elegant look of the Scion FR-S line, this year’s model is also the epitome of elegance - and also luxury. The model has a new “Grandlux” material on the instrument panel surround, as well as on the door trip - adding a soft, almost hypnotizing feel to it. The new car seats are covered with a new seating material with silver sticking and can still accommodate four people - with an abundance of leg room in the front row and less so in the back row, though compared to earlier models space has been increased tangibly. But who even notices legroom when a 7-inch touch-screen lies at the center of the cabin dashboard, ready to bring the world of technology and speed together.

The Scion FR-S car covers are snuggly embracing a diamond of technological advancement.

The dashboard with a 7-inch touchscreen is only the beginning. The new model is also equipped with an innovative audio system, which provides sound quality worthy of an award, the new steering wheel has integrated radio controls, and the climate control is automatic. But more notably, the new model hiding beneath the Scion car covers is focusing not only on connecting you with the world physically by transporting you from one place to another - it connects you to the world without you even having to move. It has USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and Smartphone integration - everything you need is in the cabin of this car.

When beauty meets safety, the Scion FR-S car covers cannot wait for you to lift them

The new model comes with a silver accent in the cabin interior - particularly the door grips, the wheel bezel, the shifter, the sides of the center console, and elements on the seats. This already cements the feeling of luxury and prestige which grips you the moment you open the door to your private palace. However, the Scion FR-S car covers hide even more thrilling secrets. When you lift them, you can find a cabin in Oceanic Blue, or in a bright red color called Ablaze. You have the option to choose, but you can also let yourself be surprised - but the certainty remains that your heart will skip a beat once you cast your eyes beneath the Scion car covers. Well aware of the dizziness this glorious masterpiece can cause, the designers and manufacturers behind it made sure to amp up their safety features. The new model has ABS, stability and traction control, enhanced airbags which are positioned everywhere (side, front and full-length side curtain bags) and a generous package of driving aids.