In the coming year, Fiat is looking to expand its automotive line up in the premium market and has done so by emulating other successful vehicles in the Mazda range. The Fiat 124 Spider, which is a two-seat sportscar based on the Mazda MX-5 Miata, doesn't exactly turn heads in the appearance department but does offer riders a smoother ride and a more comfortable interior thanks to its expanded size. Taller drivers who previously found two-seat sportscars uncomfortable may find the Fiat 124 Spider suits their needs quite well.


The engineering under the hood is comparable between the the Fiat and its Mazda counterpart, but its the Fiat's look that strikes drivers as quite different. It adds an additional five inches to the overall length, which is shared between front and rear overhangs and increased interior space. It also takes a very smooth drivetrain for the roof and allows a completely seamless transition between roof-up and top-down riding for complete driver comfort and joy at all times.


The interior design is much of the same as the Miata incorporates Mazda's award-winning infotainment system and steering column in the Fiat branding, but it makes a distinct upgrade to complete the vehicle with soft touches and various enhanced materials instead of Mazda's composite materials. The result is a much more luxurious interior that screams premium rather than entry-level. The seating shares the same urethane properties as the Miata, however. This may not be suitable for long-haul journeys and could best be suited for smaller, shorter trips as rider comfort can be an issue over long periods of time.

Under the Hood

The Fiat comes equipped with a slightly smaller engine, which reduces the operational efficiency somewhat. However, it does achieve a quite respectable fuel economy with a rating of 29 mpg combined, which nearly ties the Mazda. It also matches its rather boisterous driving character, which drivers reportedly love. It is light and direct to steer, has predictable suspension during turns, and has a rather impressive ability to transfer weight across the body with absolute precision. This results is a vehicle that's able to effectively U-turn in place before darting off in the opposite direction. Few vehicles in the luxury range are able to comfortably do this, but the 124 Spider does so with ease.


The 124 Spider comes with a sticker price of $24,995.

With this sort of price on the line, owners will understandably want to protect their investment as much as possible. While all of the usual rules apply, owners are highly advised to purchase a premium car cover from It will provide protection against the elements along with accenting the vehicle with its premium finish.