The 2016 Dodge Durango isn't like other vehicles on the market today. On one hand, it shouldn't be looked at as a typical crossover vehicle because it doesn't sport the normal chassis of a car-like crossover. Similarly, it isn't really packing a lot of the off road features that a traditional SUV would have. It's somewhere in between. It is a utility vehicle that has the rugged capability of a SUV, but with the smooth handling of a car. Combined with a sleek exterior, a refined interior, and good performance ratings under the hood, this is definitely a vehicle worth considering.


The exterior of the vehicle isn't really to everybody's preferences. It is very much a SUV in the fact that it comes with the normal “boxy” chassis that's usually associated with the body, but is also softer in the sense that it comes with the curves seen on a typical car. This does lend itself to be a rather sportier version of a SUV that many do tend to like, but the exterior is largely down to personal preference.


The interior of the Durango is where the vehicle really shines. It is very much a luxury SUV done right. Here, drivers will find almost none of the typical truck insignia that was found in the earlier models. Now, there's a dashboard that supports thin metallic features and a large touchscreen that allows drivers to access navigation and entertainment functions at the tip of their fingers.

Under the Hood

The Durango contains a 3.6 liter V6 engine, which creates 290 horsepower and 260 pounds of torque. This gives it quite respectable hauling and towing capabilities, but the true excellence under the hood is its fuel economy. Within all Durangos is the not-so-cleverly named “Fuel Saver Technology”, which allows the cylinders to deactivate when they're not under significant load. This is backed up by a selectable fuel saver mode, Eco Mode that allows drivers to adjust the throttle sensitivity to their own customizable settings in order to maximize the amount of fuel they're saving per journey.


The Durango starts at $33,095 for the base model, which increases to $43,895 for premium models. All the bells and whistles in the form of add-ons and packages can add another twenty grand on the base model price.

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