Chevrolet Corvette C7.R is probably the closest thing you'll see to a Le Mans race car. This powerful beast is built not only to turn heads but to smoke the racing track with unmatched rage and fury. Check our full review here.

With every new racing series comes new cars with greater capabilities and last year's racing series saw one of the newest renditions of the Chevrolet Corvette, the C7.R. There's no question that Chevrolet have enjoyed quite a bit of racing success on the track throughout the years, but the C7.R was next in line to take home a few trophies for the Chevy name.

The mind behind the madness, Fehan, was quick to reveal exactly what his ideas were for the C7.R and he is all about taking working technologies from earlier vehicles and bringing them to later designs.

The current design is all about aerodynamics. Its aluminum frame and increased dependence on composite materials have made the chassis significantly lighter than its predecessors. Official numbers came in later in the 2015 racing season and revealed that the C7.R weighed 90 pounds less than former years and had a 50% increase in torsional rigidity.

Design progression was all too clear and each chassis release in its development stages made it all-too-clear how things were stepping forward. Releasing the C7.R was reportedly the biggest development step seen for drivers of the vehicle. It also took forward an important lesson when it comes to chassis development and redesigned the roll cage for paramount safety, while still remaining completely lightweight and not detracting from the vehicle's abilities.

2014 was a rather poor show for Team Corvette. That's not to say they placed poorly in major races: they nearly won Le Mans, did well in Daytona, and just fell short of the Tudor Championship, but all of that was obliterated in the 2015 season. The C7.R vehicles released into the tracks each won their classes at 24 Hours of Daytona and took a class victory at 12 Hours of Sebring in May. This only cements the vehicle's legacy on the track and Corvette owners worldwide have been making their own modifications to their treasured buys in order to mimic the success of Team Corvette's drivers.

While souping things up under the hood is all well and good for Corvette owners, they should always pay particular attention to the exterior as rust and other forms of oxidation can quickly become problematic for engine components. This is why a weatherproof car cover is regularly recommended for Corvette owners who are concerned about optimal performance. These are available from and will also include a variety of small gifts to ensure owners are getting the most out of their cars.