One of the most hated factors of being a kid is being told to clean. No matter what, it’s clean your room, clean your bathroom, clean your hair, clean your clothes. Always clean, clean, clean, and that’s all they ever ask! Well, now you can shortcut your way through their needy wants, and get yourself an Accord Car Cover, and they’ll never complain about the exterior of your car again! That’ll at least be one thing you can tick off their two-mile long list.

How will it help me?

Good question. How does it help to stop cleaning your car? Obviously, it won’t help cleaning the inside, but that can just be vacuumed out. The big issue is keeping the elements from touching your precious car. Like that damn cat that obviously can’t figure out not to track dirt into the garage. Fat lard needs to go on a diet, I know. But, having a car cover that securely fits snugly onto your Accord means that it seals off any potential threats of dirt, and even can brave the elements like rain, sleet, snow, and other issues. Now, it won’t help obviously if that fat cat sits on the hood and dents it, but it will stop footprints, as long as you get the right fit, so it doesn’t go sliding around all over the place.

That sounds like too much work to always put on.

Sure it does. But would you rather put on an Accord Car Cover once a day, or have to clean up the outside of the car and repaint it every year from the constant scratches? I’m sure dad doesn’t like seeing a scar across his face when he checks his reflection in the car paint. It’s a super small price to pay for what other chores you might have to do. And trust me, repainting a car because someone is super picky is the worst way you can spend summer vacation.

They’re so pricey though.

Then save up your money. 70-100 dollars is a small price to pay for your freedom from chores and annoying parents. They can’t tell you to clean the car when it’s already clean. And they can’t tell you to dry the car when it isn’t wet. It’s a good investment of money to save you precious summer vacation days.

So what are you waiting for? Get your lazy bum off that couch, turn off your monitor, and go out to get yourself a new Honda Accord Car Cover. And say goodbye to two people whining over your shoulder about your car dirtiness. Now how to take care of the rest of your chores...