After a successful run, Chevrolet has decided to finally call it in for one of the most successful Corvette lines ever - the C7. GM expecting to release the 2017 Zora ZR1 as the next generation Corvette C8 with a medium sized engine and a completely redesigned exterior. Read on for the latest sneak peak and a glimpse at the Corvette C8.

Is Corvette 2017 going to mark a new era of Corvette? Well, only time can tell. We’re not sure yet whether GM will release an intermediary model in 2017 or it will introduce the next generation C8. But what we know for sure is: C8 will be revolutionary. Mark Reuss, head of GM’s global product development has confirmed that GM is working on the next Corvette but neither confirmed nor denied about C8 being introduced in 2017. Our sources inside this auto giant, however have confirmed the next generation Corvette will be a mid-engined one that Chevrolet is trying to build for quite some time.

Opting for mid-size engine is a purely engineering decision when you consider the insane amount of power that ends up converting rubber into smoke. A more balanced engine and redesigned exterior will give Corvette a chance against Lamborghini Aventador, LeFerrari, McLaren P1 or Porsche 918.

The 2017 Zora ZR1? May be!

If everything goes as planned, expect to see the 2017 Zora ZR1 as the flagship model of C8. Historically top of the tier has been a limited edition masterpiece and we’re expecting something similar with 2017 Zora ZR1. Our analyst are suggesting the price should be around $150,000 but very much can be around 200 grand. Mid-size engine will take over the Corvette lineup for sure and we expect C7 to completely retire by 2020 – no matter what.


A lot of draft ups and possible sketch ups have been emerged up but GM/Chevy has done a decent job from leaking any early design. But from what we know, Corvette C8 is going to be a much sportier looking car than ever, even with a mid-sized V-8 engine under the hood, this will probably be the most futuristic exterior ever on any American car.

Comparable Models?

We simply don’t know yet. But from what we know, you can imagine Corvette C8 as a better, much improved Porsche Cayman or Porsche Boxter. Both these vehicles are sporty, and curvy with a mid-size engine under the hood. A smaller engine will mean either a cut down in overall size or a lot of space inside. We reckon for the first option.


We’re expecting a lot of innovation and new features including carbon composites assemblies, a futuristic infotainment system, a lower seating, a larger touch screen center dash – not landscape but horizontal (more like the Tesla Model S) and a top of the rack HVAC system.

With the possibility of Corvette C7 retiring soon and a new generation of Corvette around the corner, you ought to think ahead. Corvette C7 will soon become a museum piece that means collectors will jumping all over C7 in no time like a wild pack of wolfs. Whether you’re a collector or a regular owner of a Corvette C7, this is the time for you to invest on a quality car cover for a possible classic. Check out and pick up your cover today from a wide range of selection. Also, if you end up purchasing a Corvette C8 and need a car cover, is the first place to look in for the best car cover a Corvette can have.