Chevrolet has not officially released details in regards to advancements in autonomous spoiler technology. Rumors have it that the car giant’s Corvette line will be the first to introduce this new technology. One of the most asked questions is, "What exactly is this spoiler technology and how does it work?"

We are here to answer as many of they questions as possible and more. The growing concern about this new tech isn’t how it is made but how it works. Engineers have theorized that the spoilers will automatically open once the car hits a certain speed and then will retract when it is no longer efficient for use.

What does my spoiler do?

Spoilers are great to have on cars as they aid in optimal performance. A spoiler acts as an extension of the air that produces a downward force on the car. This force helps the car stick to the road more effectively, especially when turning. This can help generate more control at faster speeds.

Will Downward Force Break My Car?

Probably one of the craziest questions I have been asked thus far. No, downward will not break your car. In many ways, it is optimal to have some kind of downward force acting on your car. This is also called drag and your spoiler directly affects the amount of drag created. This is done by adjusting the spoiler to different heights have direct effects on the handling and speeds of the car.

Why is Chevy Using this Tech?

The Corvette is considered a sports car and like such its thriving survival depends on performance and Chevrolet intends on increasing the driving experience by implementing a pushable button system to control the height of the spoiler. Remember downforce is good but too much also means too much drag and that equals a slower and less efficient ride.

It’s Not Really Chevrolet’s Technology But They’re Using It!

While this new feature sounds awesome, it very well may be researched technology that has been "borrowed" from Germany carmakers like Audi and Porsche. Either way, the new Chevrolet Corvette will be a force on the streets. Find out where you can pre-order your Chevrolet car covers now.