The Silverado has been a stranger to changes for the past three years and this year isn't any different bar a few changes underneath the hood, which dramatically increase the truck's capabilities. However, Chevrolet is responding to customer demand and is releasing this edition with higher numbers of automatic transmissions, a newly designed front-end for greater aerodynamics, and a plethora of on board entertainment and navigational functions.


The Silverado has always had fuel efficiency in mind and this release will see better mileage thanks to its upright, boxy look with sleek curves throughout to dissipate the wind hitting it. The exterior won't be turning any heads since it is a rather standard release for the Silverado, but the finer details will have auto-buffs taking a closer look to see just how much the cab design has actually come along during the past three years.


There's a bit more to be seen this year in terms of its interior design. There's a premium set of features within the top of its lineup including signature lighting composed of LEDs throughout the vehicle body and a variety of touchscreen functions at the front, which include the newly revamped MyLink software package.

Under the Hood

There's been some changes under the hood as well, but the Silverado largely retains its performance ratio. Even those bearing the EcoTec label are quite capable trucks with 4.3 liter, V6 engines that are able to produce 305 pounds of torque, which will provide quite a serious amount of towing and hauling for large commercial and industrial demands. This can be increased to a top-end 6.2 liter, V8 engine that's capable of 460 pounds of torque – effectively allowing the driver to tow up to 6 tons.


The base 2016 Silverado is available for $27,095, but a fully-upgraded premium truck will increase the cost to just over $33,000. Expect to add another $15,000 to $20,000 for a fully loaded top-tier Silverado.

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