The last time we saw the Impala was in 2014. In these two years, GM restricted purchases of the vehicle to corporate fleets, but have now re-released the vehicle to the general public with the 2016 Impala. The current model contains some modern comforts to revive the classic design into a modern day dream car. Today, it comes equipped with comfortable seating, up to date navigation and entertainment throughout, and great levels of fuel efficiency.


The exterior styling borrows a lot from GM's best-selling sedans, namely the Cadillac and the Buick. However, they're separated by how they're visually perceived. In this case, the Impala is best viewed from the rear, where its metal framework exudes elegance and sophistication in its sleek curvature and aerodynamic nature.


Much like the exterior, the interior of the Impala carries with it a very high-quality specification and design. The comfortable, sleek trims throughout allow drivers and passengers to remain comfortable throughout their journey and this can be further enhanced through a variety of on board upgrades: touchscreen navigation, premium sound systems, and media displays in the rear just to name a few.

Under the Hood

Unfortunately, GM seemed to underpower the 2016 Impala by installing a 2.5 liter engine rated at 196 horsepower. However, this seemingly underpowered engine is offset by assorted technologies that allow various systems to operate more efficiently. For example, the front wheel has motion sensors installed that allow them to draw higher revs from the engine when accelerating under difficult circumstances (such as up a hill). However, even under the best conditions, the Impala does feel slightly underpowered as a vehicle this size. Despite this, though, the Impala does reach a respectable 25 mpg combined fuel economy.


Base models of the 2016 Chevrolet Impala have a sticker price of MSRP $27,095, which increases to $29,460 for upgraded models.

When looking past what's going on under the hood, the 2016 Chevrolet Impala does seem to be a worthwhile option to consider when purchasing a new car. However, much of the purchase as an investment will be for what's going on inside and its premium features. Keeping these away from prying eyes and indeed the harsh elements should be a top concern and offers a variety of weatherproof car covers for the Impala. They'll even throw a few goodies to enhance the complete protection package for your Impala.