Active from 2014, C7 is the latest generation of Chevrolet Corvette. With rumors in the air that C7 is due for retirement after this year and C8 is just around the corner, car collectors are swarming around Corvette C7s. In this article we are taking a look back at Corvette C7 as we prepare ourselves to embrace Corvette C8.

The latest generation of Corvette also known as C7 or generation 7 was first introduced with the 2014 model year. Chevrolet tried to go back to its root, adopting the name ‘Corvette Stingray’ after the third generation (AKA Corvette C3). Corvette has a reputation for upscale, sports car and Corvette C7 is living up to its expectation between its inception in 2014 and now.

Corvette C7 is available in two body styles: 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible. Built on a Y-body platform and FMR layout, C7 has every possibility to become an all-time classic like many of its predecessors. However, with much disappointment to GM, Corvette C7 failed to bring in young customers. According to several research findings, most of the Corvette owners are in the wrong spectrum of the 50-years-old age line. Chevrolet did expect to turn that around with C7 model but that didn't happen. While Chevrolet thinks it needed to go even sportier and more futuristic to attract younger generation, we believe the sole reason Corvette seeing less millennial in its customer base is: the price. Yeah, we’re not surprised to learn not a lot of millennial can actually afford a car that costs upward to sixty grand for a base model.

2014 Corvette

The 2014 model was introduced in September 2013. The very first model of C7 introduced carbon fiber hood, removable roof panels, fiberglass composites, NASA developed material: Aerogel, and the under-body panels are made of “carbon-nano” composites. Transmission options were either a seven-speed manual or an automatic transmission. The 2014 Z51 Corvette won Automobile of the Year 2014 award from Automobile Magazine.

2015 Corvette

The 2015 model featured an eight-speed automatic transmission. Corvette Stingray packs a 6.2-liter supercharged intercooled LT4 engine with 1.7L Eaton R1740 TVS supercharger at 650 horsepower. With even more innovation throughout, the 2015 Corvette had high hopes for Chevrolet but fall quite a bit short in actual market response. Performance data and video logger was an option with 2015 Corvette, two additional exterior colors were added (Orange Metallic and Shark Gray Metallic) replacing Green Metallic and a Cyber Gray Metallic, OnStar with 4G LTE and more.

2016 Corvette

2016 Corvette came out with 4 additional exterior color options: Orange Metallic, Night Race Blue, Shark Gray and Laguna Blue. 2016 Corvette retired Velocity Yellow Tintcoat and Crystal Red Tintcoat exterior colors. Interior saw some revamp too: two-tone seats, and two new custom leather stitching options. The infotainment system took a big leap: adopting Android Auto and Apply CarPlay. Under the hood, not a lot of changes from the previous year model.

There’s rumour that Chevrolet will retire the C7 this year and phase out a whole new generation of Corvette C8 in 2017. If that’s the case then these seventh generation Corvettes won’t take long to draw packs of collectors. Whether you’re a collector or just in love with your Corvette, you ought to make the most of the powerful exterior of this majestic vehicle. We recommend using a high quality car cover that will not only protect your Corvette’s exterior but also the interior from strong, direct sunlight and other environmental agents. Visit today and pick up your Corvette cover from a wide range of selection.