Many people are described as car lovers, but how many of them truly love their car? One of the easiest ways to answer this question is to check how a car owner treats their car when it is not in motion. Do they put it on display in order to attract other people’s admiration and envy? Or do they cover it? For a Nissan Rogue car owner, the Nissan car covers are not just a tool. They are an ally. They protect the car fiercely, from rain, water, animals, dust, rot, wind, heat - keeping it snugly tucked away from the world.

Do the Nissan Rogue car covers just prevent future unexpected cost - or do they do more?

It is easy to argue that buying a Nissan car cover for your Nissan Rogue is merely a practical step. Damage from water or other sources can necessitate repairs which are often expensive and time-consuming, so “better safe than sorry” and just make sure to prevent the entire ordeal.

Any car owner who’s held the steering wheel of a car and felt as if they are riding a dragon and simultaneously are being embraced in perfect safety; or felt the fierce roaring of the engine and its echo of a wild beast while simultaneously being wrapped in luxuriousness; or felt the sensation of a unity which comes from simultaneously having a glorious monstrous beast in your control and being completely surrounded and carried by it at the same time - any such car owner knows that preventing future expenses is not the sole reason for putting a Nissan Rogue car cover on your Nissan Rogue car. The car is a partner, a teammate, a friend - and protecting and caring for it is at the very least a natural expression of respect for the driving experiences you have together.

And this is only the beginning.

Another thing every car lover knows is that not unlike with most relationships, the “falling in love” phase when buying a new car quickly dissipates, and is replaced by familiarity. And every car lover will tell you that this is the best part. Once you’ve learned all the little nuances, traits and quirks of the character of your car, you become a team. And part of this is, you start knowing what your car needs before it even signals - you know how it reacts to a stronger turn of the wheel, a stronger slam of the door, and to the million daily attacks in the form of water, wind, heat and dust it effortlessly endures. Putting your Nissan in the embrace of a Nissan car cover is not just practicality and not just sentiment - it is love.