To those who know the Cadillac range, the XT5 doesn't seem like much of an upgrade on the surface. In fact, it is largely a SRX clone and is that vehicle's very successor. Cadillac took customer queries on board and aimed to make a more modern SUV based on changing requirements in market trends: lighter construction, upscale interiors, and a performance engine that remains competitive with similar vehicles within the luxury market in its class.


The XT5 doesn't really scream modernized in comparison to what lies on the inside. It is merely a softer, lighter, and sleeker version of the SRX and mimics its chassis very closely. However, the improvements in the vehicle weight have improved the vehicle's aerodynamic capabilities greatly and this hugely enhances the vehicle's overall performance, and goes quite a way to reducing the engine load.


The interior is where the XT5 truly shines. It is something that's worthy of being within the luxury class as every fine detail has been meticulously crafted by those who were clearly trying to gain the edge in an evolving luxury market. Inside, drivers will find precision cut leather trim that accents a wooden dashboard complete with various metallic edges made of carbon fiber. Drivers may also choose to upgrade their vehicle to the Platinum edition, which further upgrades these metallic accents.

Unfortunately, Cadillac's close cloning of the SRX means the XT5 isn't all that forgiving for tall riders. The headroom is still on the limited side of things and most large adults will likely choose to sit in the back seat, where the sides can be adjusted and flexed to suit larger frames. It's unlikely three will fit back there, though.

Under the Hood

The XT5 contains the same standard powertrain that's been featured throughout the 2017 lineup. It is a 3.6 liter V6, which has a 310 horsepower output and generates 270 pounds of torque. Its only upgrade comes from the transmission pairing with the Aisin automatic system. It is responsive and handles well in most road conditions, but cornering can feel a bit sluggish at times due to Cadillac's ageing strut front suspension. Upgrading the wheels to a 20-inch system will give drivers adaptive shocks, which make precision handling a little smoother.


The base model of the XT5 comes with a sticker price of $38,995. With all the bells and whistles, a loaded XT5 can very well be worth sixty grand or more.

Those considering the vehicle will likely want to look towards protecting their investment, which can be done with something as simple as a premium car cover. XT5-specific car covers are available from and are guaranteed to last.