The crossover SUV market isn't one that's particularly empty at the moment. While the Encore was the pioneer in this realm just three years ago, it's not alone today and a lot of automotive manufacturers have released their answer to it. However, the Encore is still a proud addition to the Buick range and it has stuck to its original concept for quite some time: a tough exterior, a tall riding position, and sculpting that turns heads on the road.


Housed within a boxy hatchback shape, the Encore provides a visual crossover that makes SUVs far more appealing to those who are only familiar with the typical family car. This is perhaps exactly what Buick was going for: to provide a SUV for those seeking a family car, which the Encore satisfies quite well. After all, it provides the storage capacity of a much larger vehicle, which is perfect for those needing a lot of space in their vehicle.


There's quite a lot left to be desired inside. Models come as stock with all-black leathers or a two-tone leather comprised of something similar to a murky cup of coffee. Of course, buyers are able to customize their interior colors to their own preferences, which we'd recommend doing as the stock doesn't particularly inspire. There's also other premium features like on board touchscreens, a premium sound system, and active noise cancellation within the cabin so that engine noise is kept to an absolute minimum.

Under The Hood

The Encore isn't a lightweight in the automotive world and weighs just under 3,200 pounds. While this is light in comparison to other conventional crossover SUVs, it is slightly underpowered with an engine that's only capable of 138 horsepower. This means the vehicle is rather slow to accelerate and reaching 60 mph takes roughly nine seconds. Owners will quickly work out the quirks for themselves as it is a rather forgiving vehicle that's quite easy to handle after time, but sudden hills and ramps will require advanced forethought and acceleration in order to maintain adequate speed.


The base model of the 2016 Buick Encore is priced just over $24,000. A premium, fully-loaded edition of the base vehicle is available for $29,785. The top-tier trim is around $15,000 more than the base vehicle.

We think the 2016 Buick Encore is one of the better choices for those who are already familiar with the driving style of a SUV and want a modern, trendy option as their next upgrade. It will require some care and to do this, we'd recommend using a high quality car cover that provides exceptional weather proofing and shine preservation. Checkout our inventory at and pick up the best car cover for your 2016 Buick Encore. We’ll include free shipping and lots of goodies for your Encore at no extra cost to you.