Twenty-five years after their last convertible, the Reatta, Buick has finally unveiled their new 2016 Buick Cascada. This comfortable four-seater has a pleasant rakish profile and encompasses elegance, grace, and comfort on all levels. Imported straight from Poland it has a sleek design with a European style and a pleasant interior. Although some may find the center stack a bit cluttered for their aesthetic appeal but overall it is comfortable with good quality material including leather upholstery.

This top-down car has a traditional fabric roof which not only looks great but can easily be lowered in 17 seconds while the car moves at speeds up to 31 mph. The heated seats for front-seaters and steering wheel are also an added luxury. The back seats are accessible by the front ones moving forward electrically. It also has front seat-belts that automatically move forward with the help of telescopic arms similar to the Mercedes-Benz coupe model. It has LED-accented headlights that give it a nice up-scale look. The Cascada comes with a 1.6L turbo four that produces 200 horsepower under its hood which is an improvement on Buick's last Opel Cascada convertible introduces in 2013. The torque is approximately 221-pound feet and comes with a limited over boost feature.

Safety features on the Cascada include a rear-view camera and rear parking sensors along with an active rollover safety system for passenger protection. You may also opt to include forward collision warnings and front-parking sensors although adaptive cruise control feature is not offered. Other standard features on the Buick include powered windows, locks, and mirrors; a remote start and leather trim. The Cascada has a smaller, lower-resolution screen as compared to other Buicks but offers an OnStar 4G LTE data connection with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot as well as navigation and Siri Eyes free compatibility.

The Cascada has a solid feel, weighing around 4,000 pounds giving it strong body reinforcement. Regardless of the strong built on the Buick, its 1.6L can feel a bit strained when taking it out for a whip. Compared to the late 2013 Opel Cascada the Buick offers a better experience and hopefully will last longer than the four years the Opel stuck around.

Pricing for the Cascada starts at around $33,990 and can reach up to $37,000 for versions with the optional safety equipment. With that said the Buick Cascada offers an affordable addition to the convertible segment and will hopefully appeal to the sun-lovers looking for a comfortable ride.