The 2017 M2 is a simple sort of vehicular beast. In the name of simplicity, BMW have also gone back to some of the M-series' heritage by bringing back some of the various driving perks and styles that have gone amiss in another M car. It is very much a barebones enthusiast vehicle that those who are specifically seeking track performance will love, but isn't likely to become a contender for day-to-day road use anytime soon.


What's important for prospective buyers to remember here is that the vehicle was engineered for performance. While this doesn't detract from the vehicle's exterior, which is based on an ultra-lightweight chassis, much of its perks will be found in the finer details. The chassis boasts very light axles and sub frames, which are made of an entirely aluminum construction. Drivers will also find a stiffening plate on the underside of the car to help hold things together, which is about as weighty as the body gets. It is otherwise a standard BMW offer: elegant, iconic, and stylish.


What's more is that the interior of the car doesn't exactly scream the typical BMW luxury. After all, its price point comes from its engineering and performance. There isn't all that much flair and it even forgoes the typical high-quality panels and surfaces that are found on more conventional BMW vehicles. It does, however have specially designed “M” surfaces and logos that are sparsely featured throughout the cabin. The seats are racing-level comfortable, too.

Under the Hood

The vehicle's power comes from a turbocharged 3.0-liter incline-6 engine. This is a significant difference compared to the engines featured in mainstream BMW cars, which are geared towards standard road use. Here, we find an engine that is oriented towards the track and features coolers throughout the main components. For example, the engine oil sump has an embedded oil cooler to support the very high demands that track use places on a vehicle. It has a rated 365 horsepower output that is able to generate 343 pounds of torque.


BMW has placed a sticker price of $51,700 on the M2. This is quite obviously an investment piece that drivers will want to protect as best as they possibly can.

While there are conventional options like security systems that can be beefed up in the M2, one of the easiest ways to retain a vehicle's value is by covering it using a premium car cover. Car covers specifically engineered for the M2 are available from