The American market is large but specific. Best American brands were always most sold, while other European brands of cars were represented in symbolic quantities, and some have never managed to gain some slice of the small cake, so they simply pulled out. The biggest problem with the success of selling new vehicles on US territory is the sheer size and volume of the market, which requires the opening of a large number of car dealerships and services, which is not an easy task. More than 300 new models of pick-ups and SUVs appear on the US market annually.

According to The New York Times, during last year, 17.2 million new vehicles were delivered throughout the market of US.

The American market is still dominated by pick-ups, and among them, the most popular is Ford F-Series. It was introduced back in 1948. and has since become the most successful pick-up and best-selling American car in history with forty million copies sold. Ford manages to sell over 70.000 per month, while in the first four months of the last year, buyers from across America purchased nearly 276.000 Ford trucks, and we are left to see if a nearly 9% increase in sales in 2017. continues throughout 2018? A Next, Ram and Chevrolet Silverado have a monthly sales of more than 40.000.

Ford F-Series

Drastically growing popularity is recorded in the segment of compact SUVs, where Honda CR-V with 32,671 units sold in April of 2017, and Toyota RAV-4 found its way to 31,757 customers. The top 10 top sellers include Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Rogue (X-Trail) and Honda Accord. As it could be expected on the list of top best-selling vehicles, we find the Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado and Ram pickup, followed sedans, Toyota Camry and Honda Civic and Honda Accord. Toyota is convincingly dominant around the world and is best-selling in as many as 49 countries, and is dominant on all continents except Europe.

Honda Accord, the Japanese middle-class sedan is today the second Honda frontrunner. For years Accord has enjoyed tremendous success in the Far East as well as in the United States and is produced for a total of 41 consecutive years.

Honda Accord

If you check the pulse of automotive enthusiasts online gathering places, you can often hear them longing for certain models that can or cannot be bought and found on the market for any number of reasons. Let's review a list of those European cars that could be bought and which sold amazingly. We can help ourselves not see a pattern that shows that Americans are mostly hyped over German premium segment, regardless of the manufacturer.

The fact that Volkswagen Beetle is on the list is not surprising. We've all seen the scenes from TV shows that revived the popular Beetle from the late 90's in some of its bright colors. Female customers especially fall on rounded shapes and large round lights, as well as on the flower vases in the interior, and many specimens received a number of sympathetic accessories such as decorative eyelashes or patches.

Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Passat CC, a version for our market, which comes with a different rear end, is a sought-after commodity, and the popularity of CC version with the coupe roof is particularly emphasized. The US market consumed as much as 60 percent of all produced specimens since 2008.

Volkswagen Passat CC

Volkswagen Golf was conceptualized as a more modern replacement for Beetle, so in 1974 it came with a front-mounted engine, front wheel drive and much more conventional bodywork designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It has become Volkswagen's best-selling model with over 30 million units sold by 2013.

During the period from 1972. to 2008, 5 million BMW Series 5 was produced and American automotive specialists particularly liked the E39 generation, which won the best business sedan, the best-imported vehicle and by some media outlets the best-tested car prizes year after year. Another German sedan, this time of a somewhat more compact format, that found itself on the list is Audi A4. Though traditionally inclined to larger dimension sedans, American customers liked the level of sports action, design features, and luxurious interior equipped with the latest technology of this yet another powerful machine from Europe.

Audi A4

If it is not a European sedan, then the subject of the US customer's interest is one of the retro cars which through their appearance on the scene have returned some legendary names, now describing a much more different packaging than the original ones. One is listed above, while the other new Mini Cooper was a great move by BMW.

Mini Cooper

Americans love Volvo, and by a typical buyer is perceived primarily as a safe vehicle. The largest S80 sedan model, whose first generation was introduced in 1998, is their favorite. With the rise in sales of Volvo Cars in recent years the growing interest in the XC90 and XC60, we can expect that our romance towards Swedish reliable sedans will continue with the arrival of the S90 model.

Audi did not reserve the whole compact premium sedan market for itself, but one part of it was pulled by Mercedes-Benz with its representative, the C-Class. Its sales increased by around 50 %percent in the United States in previous years.

Here is the latest compact sedan that rounds up the sacred trinity, of course, it's the BMW Series 3, the best-selling BMW model that accounts for as much as 30 percent of all the cars sold by the Bavarian company. The fact that Car and Driver magazine has regularly held it on the list of top ten cars from 1992. until 2014, says enough about its influence over the American market.

BMW Series 3

By 2014, over 14 million Volkswagen Jetta were sold, a sedan of its own kind and a version of the Golf and another European icon here in America, realized one-third of the total sales over the pond.

Volkswagen Jetta

Last year, analyzed globally, the best trio remained the same as the year before, and the first place is stubbornly held by Toyota Corolla, sold in 1.224.990 copies. Toyota is followed by the Pick-Up Ford F-Series (1,076,551 cars sold), and third place is occupied by the Volkswagen Golf (952,826 vehicles sold); according to Focus2Move analysts. We are left to witness how the exciting market dynamics develops throughout the rest of 2018.