Current solutions of the car industry for the adequate protection against rain, hail, sun, dust, snow, bird droppings, pine resin etc. are now made thicker and from quality material with the lower layer that holds moisture and has roof openings for airflow, making waterproof car cover like this, one of the best possible solutions for your automotive machine pet.

Of course, the indoor car covers for those who have a garage, and outdoor car covers are excellent and one of the best protection measures when it comes to hail, but they can protect your car from various external influences, depending on where you parked it. First and foremost, during the year rain will fall a lot of days. Although rain will not directly damage the car, after many years of rainfall, between a car that was protected and the one that was not, certain differences will surely be noticed. And in the summer, finally, while protected from heat and humidity, you will not be forced to turn that air condition to the max the moment you get in your car.

When it comes to other external influences, cars are often damaged by gravel. Such stones lifted by the wind or caused by the passing of other cars. If you are parked next to a busy road, you will notice, over time, the slight damaging indentations caused by these stones. Likewise, if you park a car near a tree, there is a possibility that a tree branch will fall, and there is also the possibility that a tree resin will affect the car, which later becomes difficult to remove.

Cars once had bodywork almost one millimeter thick, which was resistant to a variety of damages. But modern car production concepts have a completely different philosophy of construction. The bodywork firmness is taken over by the frame and the front and rear parts must be deformable to better amortize the impact. Today, it is more important to protect the pedestrians and therefore the bodywork must be soft enough to amortize the impact of the body, of the extremities and the head especially as much as possible. As a result, the sheet metal thickness is reduced to several tens of millimeters. This increases the exposure to damage caused by ice, frost, and hail especially.

When such damage occurs, many are wondering what to do. Yes, the car can continue to be driven, but the prolonged effect of the dents made by hail has the consequence of the rust being spread impacting further damages.

Do not allow yourself to be the owner of a car who, when the hail stars, reaches for blankets or any other cover, providing partial or almost no protection, especially in the cases of strong wind blasts.

Not all drivers are able to afford a garage and a "roof over their head" for their machine pets, but fortunately, there are numerous fast-setting all weather car covers, that offer that extra protection to the vehicle. The best protection is, of course, a garage, but if you do not have it, a special car cover is also useful. Waterproof car covers protect from, dust, ice, and snow, sun-rays, resin, biological remains, smog and gravel hits. It can be made of up to 5 mm thick compressed foam, externally coated with watertight foil, with soft protective material beneath, and is washed easily, with a sponge and some warm water.

Waterproof car covers are a great prevention against unusual weather conditions and UV rays. Smooth and soft, they protect surfaces from scratches of gravel and other sources of damage. They also come with a patented zipper at the driver's door for easier access to the car when the car cover is already set in place. Some of them have a place for a registration number to be written so you can easily recognize your car.

Recently, more frequent choice of drivers is to leave their cars outdoors due to the urbanization and more and more people owning a car every year, simply leaving them with no other choice, because there is only so much of the parking space in urban areas. On the other side, we've all been witnesses of ever fiercer stormy weather periods that are accompanied by hail, insects, and birds among other pests, that can seriously damage the bodywork. Repairs of damaged bodywork and its clear coat are expensive, so by buying outdoor car covers, car owners are in for some serious repair cost savings. Needless to say, by using an outdoor car cover you can prevent the damages altogether.

But all manufacturers also point out that some car covers do not provide a complete protection. A mega storm with the strong impact of weather conditions creates a possibility that the car cover might not fully protect the car. But in any case, whatever the weather, just picture a moment of your car left without any protection. With outdoor car covers, the damage will be much smaller than when a car is left totally exposed.

New materials used in the production of outdoor car covers, keep all the rainfall outside, protecting you in all weather conditions.

If you weighed all the risks of not buying a car cover on one side and the benefits of not worrying as much when that storm comes on the other side, you probably wondered what is the correct size of the car cover that will fit your car. So, we provide you with several tips on how to properly estimate the size of the car cover you need for your car. Today's waterproof car covers really come in all sizes that you would ever need. Manufacturers made sure to cover the sizes of outdoor car covers and indoor car covers as well, ranging from S-small for smaller sized vehicles all the way to the 2XL XXL size for one of the largest vehicles. So, take the meter and measure your car from the front to the rear bumper to get the approximate size regarding the length, the width and the height allowing you to order or to go to the shop and buy yourself a corresponding car cover.

  • Size 1: Up to 160 inches length; BMW Z3, Mazda Miata, Pontiac Solstice, MG...
  • Size 2: Up to 170 inches length; Porsche Boxster, Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z...
  • Size 3: Up to 180 inches length; Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cobalt, Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3-Series, Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla...
  • Size 4: Up to 190 inches length; Honda Accord, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Malibu...
  • Size 45: Up to 200 inches length; Buick LeSabre, Jaguar XJ-Series, Maserati Quattroporte, Ford Five Hundred...
  • For the vehicles, BMW X3, Audi Q5, Peugeot 3008, Chevrolet Trax or KIA Sportage, choose SUV M (Medium) car cover:

Many manufacturers deliver waterproof car covers with buckles attached with the purpose of additional tightening and with reflecting triangles applied for the proper signalization for the incoming traffic.

Made with properly placed elastic straps that make the car cover fit perfectly, placement is also very easy. However, if the car is planned to be left covered for a long time, it is recommended that at least every 15 days you allow for a certain amount of airflow to get beneath the car cover, possibly even removing it altogether for a short period.

Your new waterproof car covers come in a new bag with a handle and in order to cover the whole vehicle, they come in different sizes. Some waterproof car covers are designed in such a way that they come complete with the widened spaces for your rear view side wing mirrors, so everything could be well protected and your all-weather car cover in its place. Many producers offer the cable and a lock that can be purchased separately from the car cover, and really come in handy when proper securing of your waterproof car cover is in question. Circulation of the ear beneath the car cover is very important, so they come with the one, couple or several air openings taking care of that problem.

It is advisable to place the car cover only if the vehicle is completely dry so that there will not be any traces on the bodywork left after it is removed.

All weather car covers can be made of more than one material, and most often they have a thick layer of compressed foam. On the upper side, they still have an extra thicker layer to protect the roof, the windshield and the rear glass, the hood and the trunk. No matter which material is used for its production, each car cover is water resistant, making the waterproof car covers a desired feature of every, well, let's say, individual car protection kit.

In the market today, there are many different manufacturers and different price ranges, depending on the size and protection level. Quality waterproof car covers can be bought at very affordable prices, for an amount that in the beginning might look huge for some, but if it protects your car from the hail beating just once, the purchase is made cost-effective.

Once you have the right size, then you can leave your car in front of your home, or go on that well-deserved vacation in peace, because you will know that the all weather car covers that are on the market will protect your vehicle from a variety of damage causing sources.