Those who are familiar with the recent Audi range will know that the A7 coupe is a surprisingly spacious offering, but was lacking in the pep department under the hood. This has been rectified with the RS7. At the cost of space, it packs a whole bunch of luxuries and even greater amounts of power underneath the hood for one of the most potent, powerful driving experiences on the market today.


Audi is well-known for its craftsmanship and the RS7 continues on this tradition with flowing trims, premium materials, and a sense of excellent production qualities throughout. Various models will each include their own specific details, but the majority will feature an aluminum trim on the outside for a very modern and contemporary look.


It's unfortunate that Audi decided to sacrifice a bit of space, but this only really applies to the back seat. The rear seat headroom is virtually nonexistent and those of above average height will struggle to sit comfortably back there. However, there's quite a bit of leg room in the back and the front seats themselves are spacious.

The Audi MMI system is present in the vehicle, which provides navigation and entertainment functions to passengers. It is also the first time to see complete Google Earth integration within the on screen navigation, which allows drivers to see panoramic street views complete with high resolution images of their destination before they even reach it.

Under the Hood

The Audi RS7 comes stock with a twin-turbocharged 4-liter, V8 engine that's able to produce 560 horsepower and 516 pounds of torque. This allows the vehicle to be quite versatile when it comes to its application. It's a perfectly competent speed demon, but it's also got some grit to endure workplace applications in commercial or industrial settings.


The base model of the Audi RS7 is certainly a premium vehicle that starts at MSRP $108,900. Additional premium upgrades will increase the sticker price substantially. It's definitely an investment, but has the performance ratio to pay dividends in the end.

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