Assessing the 2023 Ford Edge: the popular midsize SUV

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The Ford Edge 2023 is a midsize SUV that is popular among customers in the US market. At first glance, you will see that it has a design that combines some features of the Explorer and Ecosport, making the overall look of the car quite harmonious and balanced.


With a combination of factors such as fuel efficiency, spacious cabin, and strong performance, the 2023 Ford Edge is a worthy choice for American customers alongside other names like the 2023 Toyota Highlander or the 2023 Ford Escape.



Number of seats 5
model SUV
Origin US
Dimensions DxRxC (mm)  4796 x 1928 x 1735
Wheelbase (mm)  2850
Engine Twin-scroll 2.0L EcoBoost I4
Fuel Type Gasoline
Maximum power 250 horsepower
Torque  373Nm
Gearbox 8-speed automatic
Drive Front-wheel optional 4-wheel drive
Suspension front/rear Independent, MacPherson strut/ independent with stabilizer bar
Brakes front/rear Disc
Steering Electric power assist


The Ford Edge 2023 is the hope of the company after the lackluster performance of the EcoSport line in Europe. The Edge boasts several outstanding features, from its fuel efficiency to its spacious cabin and impressive performance. Its masculine and modern design fits the discerning European market.


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Steering wheel & dashboard design

The cabin of the Ford Edge makes a strong impression with its aesthetic value, particularly the dashboard and steering wheel which are made of smooth and shiny black plastic. Beneath the dashboard lies a carbon fiber material with shiny chrome-lined accents.


The familiar 3-spoke steering wheel is wrapped in premium leather and features multiple convenient buttons. The main feature is the absence of a gear shift area, which is replaced by a metal-encased control knob surrounded by a cup holder.


Seat Design

The Ford Edge 2023 is a 5-seater model without a third-row seat but still spacious thanks to its long 2,850mm wheelbase. Therefore, all the comfort is reserved for the second-row seats, which provide a comfortable experience for passengers even on long trips.


The 10-way power-adjustable driver's seat allows for comfortable reclining. The long and slender backrest hugs the spine closely, and the large headrest is easy to adjust to prevent neck and shoulder fatigue. The front seat space extends up to 1,082mm, and the headroom is 1,021mm. Although the second row may have fewer seats, it still provides a spacious and comfortable environment for three passengers.


Luggage compartment

Thanks to its 5-seat design, the cabin space is spacious and the luggage compartment is wide. The standard luggage compartment capacity is up to 1,110 liters (equivalent to 4 large suitcases). If the second-row seats are folded down, the capacity will increase to 2,075 liters, a surprising number for a mid-size SUV model.


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Front End Design

Due to the majority of the area being occupied by the hexagonal-shaped grille, the front end design of the Ford Edge is evaluated to be similar to that of the Ford EcoSport 2023. The front of the car is raised and the hood is positioned high, making the overall look of the car more distinctive and taller. In particular, in addition to the horizontal bars, the outer border of the grille is also polished with shiny chrome.


The prominent feature at the front of the main car are the LED headlights in a trapezoid shape with the function of controlling the height of the light beam. The main highlight is the stick-shaped LED strip that glows during the day when the car is moving on the road. The front bumper of the car is covered in black plastic combined with a shiny metal plate. The unique design of the air intake area is integrated with L-shaped fog lights.


Vehicle body design

The 2023 Ford Edge impresses with its bold American style, modernity, and strength. Its overall dimensions are 4796 x 1928 x 1735 mm (length x width x height). The entire window frame is chrome-plated by Ford to create a luxurious appearance.


The side of the car is designed with a long profile, featuring a highlighted crease running through the door handle. Additionally, there is also a parallel accent line running along the body of the car. The standard size of the wheel set is 18 inches, while the ST version goes up to 20 inches. The A-pillar is designed to be compact and lean towards the back, giving the car a long and good visibility shape.


Rear Design

The 2023 Ford Edge's rear design features a round and distinctly European style that is very popular among customers. The thick, dark gray rear bumper is lined with diffuser fins. Meanwhile, on both sides are the symmetrical dual exhaust pipes with shiny chrome plating. The taillights are designed to be thick, providing a sturdy feel and a low center of gravity, creating a strong and reliable frame for the vehicle.

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Entertainment Facilities

The entertainment system of the 2023 Ford Edge is diverse and modern. Some notable features include the FordPass Connect system with 4G WiFi access point, SiriusXM radio, AM/FM, exclusive SYNC3 system that supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity. Additionally, there is a 12V socket, DVD player, and a modern sound system with 12 premium speakers.


The highlight of the 2023 Ford Edge is its excellent cooling ability. The dual-zone automatic air conditioning system with multiple large air vents in the front distributes cool air to each zone. This helps passengers feel comfortable and at ease.


Engine Performance

The Ford Edge 2023 is equipped with a Twin-scroll 2.0L EcoBoost I4 turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It delivers a maximum power of 250 horsepower and a peak torque of 373 Nm. The standard drivetrain of the vehicle is front-wheel drive, but it can be upgraded to an all-wheel drive system.


The Edge ST version features a 2.7L V6 engine, delivering a power output of 335 horsepower and a torque of 515 Nm, paired with an all-wheel drive system. Both versions of the Ford Edge 2023 come with an 8-speed automatic transmission as standard.

Driving experience

Thanks to its 8-speed automatic transmission, the Edge shifts smoothly and decisively. The Ford Edge performs very well, especially on highways where it accelerates quickly and handles turns with stability. The vehicle's independent front and rear suspension systems, which use MacPherson struts and an independent stabilizer bar, provide a smooth ride over bumps.


The car's ride is also comfortable thanks to its air and hydraulic shock absorbers, dual-tube dampers, and circulating air system. The vehicle has plenty of noise-reducing panels and soundproof windshields, making for a quiet and enjoyable driving experience.

Fuel consumption rate

Regarding the fuel consumption rate of the Ford Edge 2023, the manufacturer has announced the following specific figures. Overall, the fuel consumption rate of the Ford Edge is not too high.


City: 11.2L/100Km.

Highway: 8.1L/100Km.

Combined: 9.8L/100Km.

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Safety Features


The safety system of the 2023 Ford Edge is quite comprehensive. Specifically:

Copilot 360 package: a network of cameras and sensors that alert the driver of potential collisions.

  • Alerts for obstacles.
  • Cruise control.
  • Lane keeping system.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Blind spot warning and cross-traffic alert.
  • Forward collision warning system helps the driver take more active control.
  • Emergency automatic braking in case of sudden collision, which helps the car brake with just enough force to prevent losing control.

2023 Ford Edge Pricing

The 2023 Ford Edge starts at $37,945. The most popular SEL trim starts at $39,345, and the top ST model begins at $46,485. The starting price of the Edge is higher than rivals like the Chevrolet Blazer, Nissan Murano, and Hyundai Santa Fe. Still, the generous list of standard features helps justify the price tag.

Edge SE: $37,945
Edge SEL: $39,345 | Most Popular
Edge ST-Line: $43,100
Edge Titanium: $43,100
Edge ST: $46,485
These are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) and don’t include the $1,495 factory-to-dealer delivery fee (destination charge).

Before buying an Edge, check the Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price to know what you should really pay. The Ford Edge’s resale value is about average for the segment.


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With impressive exterior design, interior filled with technology and prominent safety features, the Ford Edge 2023 promises to create a sensation in the international market.

Although in previous years, the Ford Edge did not break through in terms of sales, the appearance of this model not only diversified Ford's product portfolio but also made the car market more exciting with the competition of many interesting factors.


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