Those who were familiar with the earlier version of the NSX knew it was a fairly temperamental vehicle. Even at the best of times, drivers sometimes felt out of control when handling the vehicle and while it proved itself to be a very reliable vehicle through minimizing mechanical faults in the supercar range, it did have a steep learning curve for new drivers. The 2017 Acura NSX aimed to get rid of the stigma associated with this and did so quite well. It's now a very mild-mannered, forgiving car that even newcomers to the supercar market will be able to handle with ease and precision.


Halo cars are the hallmark of a “proper” supercar. The 2017 Acura NSX retains this shape and uses aluminum for the body alongside reinforced composite panels for its siding. Drivers also have the choice to upgrade roof panels to a carbon fiber option, but many find this increases the price significantly out of range – even to those shopping for a supercar. Composite materials do quite well at minimizing drag and balancing the various G forces going alongside a vehicle, which also helps to keep the vehicle remarkably cool and comfortable.


Acura have quite accurately named their cockpit “human-centric” and have completely redesigned the interior dimensions to suit the growing, larger modern male. The manufacturer claims that there's more than enough head space for 95% of adult men with similar proportions for arm, leg, and torso space. Inside drivers will also find a classy, upscale touch that suits the supercar lifestyle. The majority of the vehicle is covered in leather and the dashboard has been programmed in Acura's “Simple Sports Interface”. This was made to reduce the amount of distractions drivers face from their dash while operating a high-powered, high-speed vehicle.

Under the Hood

In comparison to the former inception of the vehicle, the 2017 Acura NSX does a phenomenal job of balancing the all-wheel-drive hardware into something that novice drivers will be able to handle with ease. Slips and slides are slowly becoming a thing of the past thanks to these improvements, but it doesn't eliminate the need for driver safety and awareness at all times. All supercar owners are highly advised to test drive their new vehicle in a controlled and secure track setting before using public roads.

The engine consists of a 3.5 litre V-6 that is able to produce 500 horsepower, which results in ultra-low and desirable 0-60 timings.


The standard Coupe design of the 2017 Acura NSX is available for a $156,000 sticker.

While user safety and security is mostly seen as an internal factor, drivers shouldn't neglect the external protection of their investment. This is most easily accomplished through a car cover from, which will keep environmental-related damage to a minimum.