A concept in the making and the I-Pace Jaguar car covers are revealing some very sweet and innovative tech. The I-Pace give you the total control, handling, and performance of a luxury sports car while delivering the compact size, strength, and haul of an SUV.

The I-Pace isn’t on the market yet, but sales of preorders and exclusively invited deposits have already caused a shift in the market. Even the Jaguar car covers market is gearing up with anticipation. So what makes this Jaguar venture different from any others they’ve done in the past.

A Design so Fierce It Could Eat You

Say hello to primal elegance. The new 2018 I-Pace Jaguar’s curves are so sharp you would think the car was built with claws. Larger than a sports car and smaller than a full-size SUV, the I-Pace has already affected the market, causing sales to increase as Jaguar prepares to take a bigger portion of the market.

Sleek innovation coupled with cutting edge technology and safety that is out of this universe, the I-Pace is changing Jaguar forever. Put up your old Jaguar car covers, because you’ll want to grab some new car covers to keep this beautiful machine from even getting the tiniest of smudges on it.

While this car has been in the making for a few years now and has only been a concept car up until now, Jaguar expects the I-Pace to hit the market late 2017 and then later finding its way into showrooms early 2018.

Why this New Jag Changes Everything

Some of you may be wondering what the big deal is over the new I-Pace Jaguar. Stop sleeping in car covers and turn your brain on. This will be Jaguars first ever all-electric car. A beautiful sports car that can reportedly handle over 300 miles on a single charge. If that isn’t enough, Jag also claims the battery can go from dead to about 80% in an hour and a half.

It might not be the fastest on the street but with electric motors also come precision, efficiency, and total control. The new Jag will be able to go from 0-60 in roughly 4 seconds. Impressive, huh? Whether you just enjoy ogling over its beauty or plan to make a purchase, keep your eye on Jaguar and their innovations.