2023 Toyota Crown Lifetime Review(Specs, Images, Price, Video)

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2023 Toyota Crown Introduction

The 2023 Toyota Crown was globally launched in July 2022 and quickly attracted users thanks to its superior improvements. The new generation has been "revived" by the Japanese automaker after a period of discontinuation and still represents the "royal" style of cars with its own customer base.


The 2023 Toyota Crown features a sporty Coupe-inspired design that impresses customers from the first encounter.

The 2023 Toyota Crown will come in 4 configurations, including Crossover, Sport, Sedan, and Estate. Among them, the 2023 Toyota Crown Cross is the first model to be launched based on the TNGA-K platform, shared with Camry, RAV4, and Venza.

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Price of the 2023 Toyota Crown

What is the cost of the 2023 Toyota Crown? Starting MSRP $39,950, the base 2023 Toyota Crown XLE is priced high for a Hybrid car. The midrange Limited trim starts at $45,550, while the range-topping Platinum trim starts at $52,350.


Specifications of the 2023 Toyota Crown

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (mm) 4.930 x 1.840 x 1.540
Wheelbase (mm) 2.850
Ground clearance (mm) 145
Engine 4-cylinder gasoline engine, naturally aspirated, 2.5L capacity, combined with 2 electric motors / 2.4L turbochargers combined with 2 electric motors
Power (horsepower) 234 / 349
Torque (Nm) 221 / 460
Gear CVT / 6AT
Drive Four-wheel
Wheels 21 inch


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Exterior of The Toyota Crown 2023: Sportiness aimed towards young customers


The 2023 Toyota Crown features a fresh, youthful, and futuristic appearance that builds on its predecessor's legacy.

The Toyota Crown 2023 is quite a special car as it has successfully combined the sedan style with an SUV, bringing an interesting appearance. In the new generation, the Japanese automaker's gem has been increased in size, with a length of over 20 mm, a width of over 40 mm, a height of over 75 mm, but a shorter wheelbase of 70 mm.

Front of the car

The Toyota logo on the 2023 Toyota Crown models will be replaced with a beautiful and luxurious crown symbol. The exterior details are synthesized from various Toyota car lines.


The 2023 Toyota Crown features a large front grille with a glossy black-coated fox-eye mesh design.

Firstly, the front grille of the vehicle is a large-sized cooling mesh with a glossy black fox-eye shaped grille. The border surrounding it is painted in black and combined with a thin chrome border underneath, which is quite eye-catching.

Above this area, there is another narrow cooling mesh integrated with the LED headlight cluster. Running around the front of the car is a strip of LED daytime running lights combined with the headlights and narrow cooling mesh, creating a modern and more imposing appearance for the 2023 Toyota Crown.

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Body of the car


The 2023 Toyota Crown features a gradually lowered rear hip, emphasizing a stylish and sporty look when viewed from the side.

On the body, there are also accent details such as black-colored mirror legs and black-colored trims below the doors.

Meanwhile, the door handles and half of the mirror are painted in the same color as the car body, creating a seamless and attractive look. The mirror is equipped with electric folding, electric adjustment, integrated turn signals, and a modern camera. The border around the windows is also silver-plated, creating a luxurious feel.
The 2023 Toyota Crown's wheels are made of multi-spoke alloy with a size of 21 inches and painted in a gray color that enhances the Japanese car's strength and durability.

The Rear


The 2023 Toyota Crown features a newly designed rear end with a gradually lowering roof and a continuous strip of LED lights that connect the taillights, making the car even more attractive.

The rear end area gives a familiar feel of an SUV, in contrast to the sedan shape at the front. The LED taillights take the form of a horizontal red light strip across the tail. The trunk is designed relatively short, with the raised lettering of CROWN integrated into it.

Underneath the rear bumper, a silver-colored strip similar to the front bumper appears.

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Interior of the 2023 Toyota Crown: Luxurious and features many high-quality materials


The 2023 Toyota Crown boasts an impressive interior with a luxurious design and high-quality materials.

The inside of the 2023 Toyota Crown is configured with 5 seats. The design style leans towards the future, modern and harmonious with the overall design. Accompanying this is a range of convenient amenities and high-quality materials, enhancing the customer experience.



The Toyota Crown 2023's steering wheel has been revamped with a modern design, a floating screen area, and a large center control panel.

The steering wheel has a 3-spoke shape with a prominent center featuring the crown logo throughout from the outside to the inside. Additionally, there are functional buttons integrated into the steering wheel to assist the driver. Behind the steering wheel is a digital instrument cluster that is seamlessly connected to the 12.3-inch floating touchscreen on the center console.

The entertainment screen will feature wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity, voice-activated controls with Hey Toyota command, cloud-based navigation system, and software upgrades via WiFi.

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Seating System

All seats are upholstered with leather and cloth combination with prominent light-colored stitching. The front seats are designed with a sporty style that hugs the passengers and has electric adjustment for convenience.


The 2023 Toyota Crown features premium leather seats with a body-hugging design, while the front seats are equipped with electric adjustments and modern position memory.


The rear passenger compartment of the 2023 Toyota Crown is spacious and equipped with amenities such as armrests and rear air vents.

The spacious rear seating area is thanks to the large wheelbase and a range of features such as 3 headrests, rear air vents, USB ports, 40:20:40 folding seats, heating, and electric adjustments.

Convenience of the 2023 Toyota Crown


The 2023 Toyota Crown provides customers with outstanding convenience experience with wireless charging, automatic air conditioning, and a head-up display (HUD) on the windshield.

Other convenient features available on the 2023 Toyota Crown crossover include a premium JBL 11-speaker sound system with 1 subwoofer, panoramic sunroof, electronic parking brake, digital rearview mirror, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, and a HUD windshield display.

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Safety: Premium with the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 package


The Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 active safety technology is equipped for the 2023 Toyota Crown with a range of modern features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, automatic headlights, and obstacle detection.

Engine 2023 Toyota Crown: Various options


The 2023 Toyota Crown offers customers a wide range of engine options to suit their needs.

The 2023 Toyota Crown Cross will have 2 hybrid drivetrain options, specifically:

  • A 2.5L 4-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that produces 236 horsepower. The average fuel consumption is 4.46 liters/100 km.
  • A 2.4L turbocharged engine combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission that produces 341 horsepower. The average fuel consumption is 6.3 liters/100 km.

The new generation of the 2023 Crown will have 6 driving modes, including Normal, Eco, Sport, Sport+, Comfort, and Custom.

The 2023 Toyota Crown is a vehicle known for its smooth operation, making it a popular choice among customers. This model also has a hybrid engine, which further enhances the smooth driving experience and offers excellent sound insulation compared to previous generations.

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The 2023 Toyota Crown has been "revived" and is being favored by users because it is an affordable car but designed like a luxury car.

The 2023 Toyota Crown is a diverse model of the Japanese car manufacturer with 4 configurations. Although its design was controversial at the time of its launch, this model still achieved high sales in the domestic market. This demonstrates the appeal of the 2023 Toyota Crown in the Japanese market and is expected to be a global blockbuster in the near future. Highly remember buy Toyota Crown Car Covers when you own this car. It's smart solution protect your car and help 2023 Toyota Crown look like new.

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Video 2023 Toyota Crown XLE Review


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