2023 Honda Civic Review: Where Style Meets Performance (Images, Specs, Price, Video)

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The Honda Civic 2023 is the latest version of one of the best-selling car models in the market today. The 11th generation Civic includes both sedan and hatchback styles and is entering its second year with some changes.

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Overall, the standard Honda Civic 2023 doesn't have many significant changes. This latest model is improved based on its predecessor with a more mature design, updated technology, better driver assistance, and improved fuel efficiency. It's an excellent all-around compact sedan that can easily meet your needs. The Honda Civic 2023 is a car that fits your budget but still comes equipped with features that focus on luxury, sharpness, and ensure an exciting driving experience.

While many car manufacturers, especially those from the US, have eliminated the sedan style from their product lines, there are still some worthy competitors in the price range of the Honda Civic 2023. For example, the Kia Forte and Hyundai Elantra are models that come with many features that fit your budget. Or the Mazda 3 stands out with its stylish exterior and powerful all-wheel-drive turbocharged engine. Below is an in-depth review to help you decide whether the Civic is the best choice for you or not.


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How Much is a 2023 Honda Civic?

The 2023 Honda Civic has a base MSRP of $24,650, which is higher than average for the class. The price climbs to $26,050 for the midrange EX trim and jumps to $29,650 for the luxe Touring trim. At the time of writing, Honda hasn't released pricing for the high-performance Civic Type R.

Pricing by Model

Sport $25,350 - $26,150
EX $26,750
EX-L $28,450
Standard $28,800 - $43,795
Touring $30,350
Sport Touring $31,250

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Strengths and weaknesses of Honda Civic


  • Sporty yet neutral design, more restrained
  • Spacious interior compared to its segment
  • Most powerful turbocharged engine in its segment, with a 1.5L capacity
  • Sporty, stable and firm handling
  • Modern safety technology with Honda Sensing


  • The sporty suspension system can be a little stiff
  • The noise from the bottom of the car is quite loud
  • No sunroof, parking sensors...

Size of the Honda Civic 2023

Using a new frame, the Honda Civic's size is slightly larger than before, making it the largest sedan in the C-segment currently. The Civic's wheelbase is impressive with a length of 2,735mm. The ground clearance of the car is only 134mm.

Dimensions of the Civic:     

Length x width x height (mm) 4,678 x 1,802 x 1,415
Wheelbase length (mm) 2,735
Ground clearance (mm) 134

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Exterior Review of the Honda Civic 2023

The new generation Honda Civic design not only stops at a cosmetic overhaul but also a transformation in essence. If the Civic used to be a wild and quirky younger sibling, it has now matured and gradually followed the sophisticated style of its older brother, the Honda Accord.

There are conflicting opinions about this transformation of the Honda Civic. The neutral and fresh appearance will make the model more accessible to a wider range of customers rather than being confined to an extreme sports image as before. However, some believe that the changes in the Civic have diminished the unique character that has been associated with the model for many years.

The Honda Civic 2023 stands between luxury and sporty, unconventional and refined, soft and powerful, edgy and elegant. Overall, the exterior of the Honda Civic is not outstanding but there is nothing to criticize either.

Front End

The front end of the Honda Civic 2023 uses many rounded lines and the main style is based on the traditional sedan shape with a slight hint of vintage. However, the sporty DNA is still evident in the raised lines, elongated front end, lowered center of gravity, A-pillar pushed further back, and wider windshield.

The deeply pressed front lights show that despite the updates, the Honda Civic 2023 still retains its very "cocky" demeanor. The full LED light cluster and modern separated compartment design. The lights fully integrate automatic on/off features according to light sensors, automatic turn off according to time, and automatic adjustment of the light projection angle...

Honda Civic 2023 full LED light cluster, modern compartment design

The radiator grille is divided into two familiar layers. The upper layer is compact and seamlessly connects the two main headlight clusters. The lower layer is trapezoidal and extends down to the front bumper, painted in a dark color that looks strong. Inside, the honeycomb pattern grille is combined with long horizontal bars, which looks sturdy but a bit monotonous. The fog lights also use LED and are neatly arranged in symmetrical cavities that are deeply embedded on both sides of the face.

Car Body

The Honda Civic 2023 car body is attractive with a sleek and beautiful design. Unlike its predecessor, the new Civic body combines elegance and sophistication with a strong and bold appearance. The long, vibrant lines add to its appeal, and the youthful fastback tail design is trendy.

The body of the Honda Civic 2023 is attractive with a beautiful elongated shape

The rearview mirror follows the trend that has separated the A-pillar, moving it low for better visibility. Mirrors fully integrated with electric adjustment features, automatic power folding and LED turn signals.

The rearview mirror of Honda Civic 2023 separates from the A-pillar, moving it low for better visibility

"The foot assembly" below creates a prominent highlight when looking at the Honda Civic from the side. The RS version uses dark 18-inch rims that are both sporty and fashionable. The G version uses 17-inch rims, while the E version uses 16-inch rims."

The Honda Civic RS version uses dark 18-inch wheels that are both sporty and fashionable

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Car Tail

The tail of the 2023 Honda Civic is quite muscular but looks more streamlined. There is a shark fin above it. The RS model is equipped with a sleek black spoiler. The LED taillights are designed to be slim and sleek, with multi-dimensional graphics that catch the eye. The folded lower bumper adds to the car's toughness.

The rear of the Honda Civic 2023 is quite sinewy but neater
The pair of slender Honda Civic 2023 LED taillights, sharp multi-dimensional graphics attract the eyes

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Exterior Equipment

Version E G RS
high beam
Halogen LED LED
low beam lamp Halogen LED LED
Daytime running lights
Lights on/off automatically Yes Yes Yes
Lamp automatically adjusts the projection angle No Yes Yes
Fog lights No LED LED
Tail light LED LED LED
Automatic wiper sensor No No Yes

Rearview mirror

Electric adjustment

Electric folding

Turn signal lights

Electric adjustment

Electric folding

Turn signal lights

Electric adjustment

Electric folding

Turn signal lights

Door handle Same color Same color Black paint
Antennas Fish fins Fish fins Black painted fish fins
Rear spoiler
No No Black painted
Chrome-plated exhaust hood
No No Yes
Tires 215/55R16

Review of the interior of the Honda Civic 2023

Overall design

The interior of the Honda Civic 2023 has been completely refreshed. From the materials to the design, every detail has been meticulously crafted. The dashboard is eye-catching with a European-style, free-spirited, and modern design but with a hint of a classic touch. The most impressive feature is the horizontal honeycomb grille strip with hidden air conditioning vents.

The Honda Civic 2023 dashboard is fancy when it comes to a liberal, modern European style but has a bit of a classic look

The central display screen is mounted on the dashboard. It's a bit regrettable that even though Honda has invested in a large-sized multi-information display screen behind the steering wheel for the Civic, the design is quite simple and traditional. It doesn't create a "high-tech" feeling when entering the driver's compartment. If the digital dashboard and entertainment screen were seamlessly integrated as in many new car models today, it would probably be more luxurious and upscale.

Seats and luggage compartment

Like its "sibling" cars, the Honda Civic also has the advantage of the most spacious interior in its segment. While the wheelbase of most competitors is around 2,700mm, this figure for the Civic is 2,735mm. This further helps make the interior of the Honda model more spacious.

The front seats are designed to embrace the body. There's nothing to complain about in terms of legroom. The driver's seat is 8-way power-adjustable, while the passenger seat is manually adjustable. The rear seats are super spacious and extremely comfortable, with ideal leg and headroom.

The front row of Honda Civic is designed to hug the body, spacious legroom
The rear seats of Honda Civic are extremely comfortable

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Although the price of the car is quite high, the 2023 Honda Civic versions E and G still use fabric seats. Only the RS version is equipped with leather and suede sport seats. This is a big drawback. Similarly, the driver's seat in the E and G versions is manually adjustable, while the RS version has 8-way power adjustment. The passenger seat in all versions is manually adjustable. So in terms of spaciousness, the Honda Civic ranks first, but in terms of seat features, it is easy to fall behind many competitors.

The trunk of the Honda Civic is also very spacious, designed to be spacious for passengers. Therefore, if you want to expand the space, you can fold the rear seats flexibly in a 6:4 ratio.

The Honda Civic luggage compartment is also very spacious

Driving area

The steering wheel of the 2023 Honda Civic is designed in a sporty 3-spoke style, fully integrated with functional control buttons for sound, hands-free calling, and voice commands. Unfortunately, although it is a C-segment sedan, only the RS version comes equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The E and G versions still use urethane.

The Honda Civic 2023 steering wheel is designed in a sporty 3-spoke style

The clock dashboard behind the steering wheel of the Honda Civic RS is extremely cool with a fully digital 10.2-inch screen. However, the design is simple and not as eye-catching as many new car models today. The E and G versions use a 7-inch multi-information display screen.

The dashboard behind the steering wheel of the Honda Civic RS is very "cool" when it's full digital with a 10.2-inch screen

The 2023 Honda Civic comes with full driving assistance features such as smart key and push-button ignition, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, electronic parking brake, automatic brake hold, and sport mode paddle shifters...

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Convenience-wise, the 2023 Honda Civic is equipped with a 9-inch display and 12 Bose speakers with the high-end RS version, while the E and G versions use a 7-inch display. The car supports full connectivity, while the RS version also has additional features such as WiFi connectivity, wireless phone connectivity, GPS navigation, voice-activated quick dial, and wireless charging.

Honda Civic 2023 is equipped with a 9-inch screen and 12 Bose speakers with the premium version RS

Honda Civic RS uses 2-zone automatic air conditioning. Versions E and G use 1-zone automatic air conditioning. Except for the E version, the rest have air vents for the rear seats.

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Honda Civic RS uses 2-zone automatic air conditioning with air vents for the rear seats

The RS version also integrates the Honda Connect support system. This system helps connect the car to a smartphone, through which users can update the status of the car, diagnose issues, access travel information, locate the car in a parking lot, receive reminders for maintenance schedules, and remotely control the car (turn on lights, lock/unlock doors, start the engine and turn on the air conditioner), automatically detect collisions and contact the owner and family members.

Interior equipment

Interior Civic E G RS
Steering wheel Urethane Urethane Skin
Dashboard Digital 7 inch Digital 7 inch Digital 10.2 inch
Gearshift paddles No No


Auto anti-glare rearview mirror No No Yes
Electronic handbrake Yes Yes Yes
Auto brake hold Yes Yes Yes
Smart key with integrated trunk opening button No Yes Yes
Start button Yes Yes Yes
Remote start No Yes Yes
Sensor front door handle No Yes Yes
Char Black Felt Black Felt Skin, Black Felt Suede
electric seats No No 8 directions
Rear seats 6:4 6:4 6:4
Automatic air conditioning  1 zone 1 zone 2 zones
Rear seat air vents No Yes Yes
entertainment screen 7 inch 7 inch 9 inch
Sound 4 Speakers 8 Speakers  12 Speakers Bose
Honda Connect No No Yes
Location map No No Yes
Hands-free calling Yes Yes Yes
Voice speed dial No No Yes
Wi-Fi connection No No Yes
Smartphone Connection Yes Yes Wireless
USB Connection 1 port 1 port 2 port
Wireless Charging No No Yes
Charging source 2 ports 2 ports 3 ports
Interior lights No Yes Yes
Floor mats Yes Yes Yes


Specifications of the Honda Civic 2023

The Honda Civic 2023 uses a 1.5L Turbo DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder inline engine with a maximum power of 176 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 240Nm at 1,700 - 4,500 rpm. The transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The car is front-wheel drive.

Honda Civic 2023 uses 1.5L Turbo engine

Safety Evaluation of Honda Civic 2023

The safety system is a highlight of the Honda Civic 2023. The car is equipped with the Honda Sensing safety technology package with a range of modern features such as collision mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control even at low speeds, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, front departure notification (useful when stuck in traffic or at a red light), and adaptive automatic headlights...

In addition, the Honda Civic also has many other features such as ABS-EBD-BA brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, and lane observation assistance camera...


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Review of the 2023 Honda Civic Performance

Although the new design of the Honda Civic 2023 is more neutral and sophisticated, it's fortunate that the driving experience still feels fun and dynamic like its predecessor. What's even more exciting is that all three versions are equipped with a turbocharged 1.5L engine, producing a maximum power of 176 horsepower and a maximum torque of 240Nm, which is more powerful than before.

The improved performance makes the Honda Civic competitive on paper with other rivals. In reality, the Civic is even more thrilling to drive.

The acceleration capability of the Honda Civic is extremely impressive. When you step on the gas pedal, the engine immediately responds and the car takes off quickly. Despite using a turbocharged engine, there's hardly any noticeable delay.


The Honda Civic RS version has 3 driving modes: eco, normal, and sport. Choosing the sport mode provides a very responsive driving experience. Previously, the Honda Civic was already good. Now, with increased power and torque tuning, the Civic makes the driver even more satisfied. Most people consider the Honda Civic to continue to be the best C-class sedan for the most sporty and dynamic driving experience in its segment.


The Honda Civic 2023 continues to use the continuously variable transmission (CVT). This choice brings smoother acceleration for the Civic, while also optimizing fuel consumption for better fuel efficiency.

Steering Wheel

Not only is the Honda Civic outstanding in terms of acceleration, but it is also loved for its "very good" steering wheel. The 2023 Honda Civic is equipped with an adaptive electric power steering system that quickly responds to movements. The steering wheel is highly responsive with high precision. At low speeds, the steering is light and gentle. At high speeds, the steering is firmer, especially for accurate handling.

The Honda Civic steering wheel feels very good to drive

Suspension system, frame

The 11th generation Honda Civic is equipped with a new frame using high-strength materials and an improved structure. The frame is lighter but more solid, which is especially evident in the handling ability, especially when driving at high speeds.

A test was conducted with the Honda Civic, performing sudden zigzag maneuvers at a speed of 60km/h. The results were evaluated as very good. The car did not experience any tail swing phenomenon. In particular, the passengers in the back seat were not greatly affected and did not experience much shaking.

Honda Civic Chassis Lighter but Stronger

Regarding the suspension system, because it carries the DNA of sports, like its predecessors, the 2023 Honda Civic has a slightly stiff suspension system. If used for family needs, of course, the Civic will not be as comfortable as many other models. But in return, this stiffness will provide a firm, sporty response.

Soundproofing ability

According to Honda, the car manufacturer has tried to eliminate noise on the new Civic, but still retains sounds that do not cause discomfort to bring a sense of sportiness and speed. This is quite reasonable, the roaring sound from the engine and exhaust pipes always stimulates more thrilling experiences.

However, if you want to approach many customer groups like the way Honda Civic has changed to a more mature design, this noise can easily become a downside. Not to mention, the noise from the undercarriage is also somewhat annoying, especially when carrying small children, elderly people... Honda Civic is the best accelerating car in its segment, but it can also be the noisiest car in its segment.

Fuel consumption level

The 1.5L Turbo engine of the Honda Civic is introduced with power equivalent to a 1.8L engine but has fuel consumption levels similar to a naturally aspirated 1.5L engine. According to the figures provided by the manufacturer, the fuel-saving ability of the Honda Civic is quite good.

version Civic E G RS
In urban area 8.83 8.03 8.72
Outside urban areas  4.9 4.8 5.26
Mixture 6.35 5.98 6.52

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Which version of the Honda Civic should you buy?

The Honda Civic has three versions, and all three use a 1.5L Turbo engine. Therefore, in terms of performance, there is almost no difference.

The Honda Civic E has the advantage of being more affordable. It is worth noting that even though it is the lowest version, it still comes equipped with the Honda Sensing safety technology package. However, other features have been significantly reduced, such as halogen headlights, small 16-inch wheels, no remote start, and no sensor door handles.

The Honda Civic G is in between and has many more features than the E version, such as LED headlights, LED fog lights, 17-inch wheels, 8-speaker sound, remote start, sensor door handles, and interior decorative lights.

The Honda Civic RS is the highest version and stands out with an impressive black and red sports kit. This version has an additional sport driving mode. The equipment is also very modern. Compared to the Honda Civic G, the highest version has a 10.2-inch digital dashboard, gear shift paddles, power-adjustable driver's seat, dual-zone air conditioning, a 9-inch entertainment screen, 12 Bose speakers, and a lane observation camera.

Comparing the three versions, even the standard E and G versions use the same 1.5L Turbo engine and come with the Honda Sensing package. This is a significant advantage.

However, the E and G versions lack some basic features such as cloth seats and urethane steering wheel. Even the E version does not have separate air vents for the rear seats. This will be somewhat uncomfortable because after all, the Honda Civic belongs to the C-segment and is not cheap.

So which version of the Honda Civic should you buy? Customers who are interested in the Honda Civic are mostly not overly concerned about the price. If you like affordable cars, you will most likely choose the Kia K3, Hyundai Elantra, or Mazda 3 instead of the Honda Civic. Therefore, considering all aspects of personality, convenience, and sports performance, the Honda Civic RS version is the best option.

In terms of every aspect from expressing personality, experiencing comfort and sports performance, the Honda Civic RS version meets the most perfectly.

In the compact sedan segment, the Honda Civic competes with models such as the Toyota Corolla Altis, Mazda 3, Hyundai Elantra, and Kia K3... With a relatively high price, the Honda Civic also makes many buyers hesitate with cheaper D-segment sedans like the Kia K5 and Mazda 6...

Comparing the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis

The Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis share many similarities as they both come from reputable Japanese car brands, are highly rated for their quality, spacious interiors, and have similar price points. However, each model follows its own distinct style.

Toyota Corolla Altis focuses on being a smooth, comfortable and fuel-efficient family car

The Toyota Corolla Altis is luxurious and mature, while the Honda Civic is dynamic and powerful. The Corolla Altis focuses on being a comfortable, fuel-efficient family car. On the other hand, the Civic is more personalized and stands out with its sporty driving capabilities and exciting driving experience.

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Comparison between Honda Civic and Mazda 3

When comparing the Honda Civic and Mazda 3, the Mazda model has a lower price tag, but its fashionable design and leading technology make it more attractive. This is why the Mazda 3 consistently tops the sales chart, leaving behind its Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis counterparts.

Mazda 3 has a lower selling price while the redesigned, more fashionable and eye-catching technology is also leading in the segment

However, although the Mazda 3 is also highly rated for its enjoyable driving experience, when it comes to performance, the Honda Civic is superior with its strong acceleration, precise steering, and firm, high-stability suspension. In particular, the interior space of the Civic is much more spacious than the Mazda 3.

Comparison between Honda Civic and Kia K3

The Kia K3 (formerly known as the Kia Cerato) is one of the best-selling models in its segment. The Kia K3 is attractive with its low price, youthful design, modern convenience, and spacious interior. When it comes to price and equipment, the Kia model easily wins over customers compared to the Civic.

Attractive Kia K3 with low price, youthful design, modern amenities, spacious interior…

But in terms of quality and performance, the Honda Civic always stands out. Therefore, whether to buy the Honda Civic or Kia K3 depends on each person. The Kia K3 satisfies most people with its affordable price, beautiful design, and many features. On the other hand, the Honda Civic is a choice for those who value driving experience, sporty feel, stable operation, and durability.

Should you buy the Honda Civic?

After a long time at the bottom of the sales chart, will the changes in the 11th generation help the Honda Civic improve its sales ranking? But that's just a sales story.

With the Honda Civic, the decision to buy or not should not be dominated by sales figures on paper. Just the fact that it has survived through 11 generations is the most honest evidence of the quality of the Civic. Not to mention the reputation and massive sales that this car model has achieved over the years.

Therefore, whether to buy the Honda Civic or not, it is not necessary to focus too much on quality but rather on whether it is suitable or not. Although it has become more neutral, the Honda Civic still carries the DNA of sportiness.

In terms of price, technology features, and smoothness, the Honda Civic is not the best choice. But if you want to drive a truly sporty car, the 2023 Honda Civic - the most impressive sedan in this C-segment - will surely satisfy you.


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