2023 GMC Canyon Review: Unveiling the Bold and Powerful (Images, Specs, Price, Video)

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The 2023 GMC Canyon is considered a premium mid-size pickup truck that brings a dynamic lifestyle and valuable experience with a passion for exploration.

The GMC Canyon is built on a strong chassis platform to provide even more capability for drivers whether they are venturing through rough terrain or navigating off-road trails. A factory-installed balance system and the removal of the front wind dam improve the truck's approach angle by over 35% to nearly 30 degrees.


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Description / Detailed evaluation

The GMC Canyon 2023 has officially debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show (USA). Since its launch, this vehicle has received a warm welcome, especially from customers who are passionate about pickup trucks. The GMC Canyon 2023 is performing well in its role and function. This supercar not only has good driving ability but also impressive cargo capacity.



Steering wheel and dashboard design

The 2023 GMC Canyon features a simple yet elegant 4-spoke steering wheel design. The surface of the steering wheel is equipped with functional buttons and shift paddles to assist drivers in controlling the vehicle. Behind the steering wheel are the manual gauges that display all of the vehicle's information.


The dashboard area of the 2023 GMC Canyon is designed with a masculine and straightforward style. The highlight of the center console is the touchscreen display, which provides information search capabilities and entertainment amenities to meet the needs of customers.

The most outstanding and expensive feature of the dashboard area is the control panel. The control panel of the 2023 GMC Canyon has many different functional buttons and manual knobs. However, this control panel is made of modern wood veneer material, which makes the interior space of the vehicle much more luxurious.


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Seat Design

The entire seating system of the 2023 GMC Canyon is a significant plus point as it has been upholstered with leather material instead of the traditional cloth material used in previous models.


Changes in material and size have greatly helped customers to always feel comfortable when sitting in the car. In addition, the 2023 GMC Canyon seats can be automatically adjusted and folded at different ratios to expand the car's space, increasing its storage capacity.


Luggage Compartment

As a pickup truck, the 2023 GMC Canyon does not have a luggage compartment. Instead, it is replaced by a truck bed, which is one of the most important and interesting features of any pickup truck.

The truck bed of the 2023 GMC Canyon is quite impressive, measuring 1570mm in length, 1583mm in width, and 475mm in height. With these dimensions, customers have a spacious cargo area that is large enough to store bulky items such as furniture, plants, and more.


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Front Design

The 2023 GMC Canyon features a sleek and masculine design, with a sporty and rugged appeal that's sure to catch the eye. At the center of the front end is the grille, which is equipped with a large rectangular-shaped grille and stands out thanks to its shiny chrome finish. Chrome is also used extensively throughout the vehicle's design.


On either side of the grille are the headlamps, which have a similar shape to the grille. The headlamps of the 2023 GMC Canyon are a combination of several LED strips and halogen bulbs, providing excellent illumination for the vehicle. Additionally, the manufacturer has equipped fog lights in the air inlets to help drivers navigate in dense foggy weather.


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Vehicle Body Design

The vehicle body has a remarkable length, contributing to the impressive and sporty appearance of the car. The surface of the car body has many raised groove lines that create easy highlights to attract viewers. Also, on the body of the GMC Canyon 2023, there is an added step to help customers easily step up and down the car.


Supporting the car frame is a set of large-sized rims. The GMC Canyon 2023 uses 20-inch 5-spoke rims. The rims are also the most impressive highlight at the rear of the car thanks to their V-shaped design, covered in shiny chrome. Along with the rims are high-tech tires that help the GMC Canyon 2023 conquer the most difficult terrains.


Rear Design of GMC Canyon 2023

The rear of the GMC Canyon 2023 has one of the most unique designs compared to the overall exterior. One of the standout features is the taillight system. The 2023 GMC Canyon is equipped with rectangular-shaped taillights placed on both sides of the rear.

In particular, inside the taillight housings are reflective bulbs arranged in the shape of a car, creating a unique highlight and aesthetically pleasing quality to the rear of the vehicle. The exhaust pipes of the 2023 GMC Canyon are round and are placed on either side of the undercarriage, which is quite different.


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Equipped with entertainment amenities

The GMC Canyon 2023 has a relatively basic set of conveniences. However, compared to other models in the same segment, the Canyon is not inferior to any other model. The GMC Canyon 2023 has amenities that meet the essential needs of customers such as air conditioning, touch screen display, radio, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality music speakers, MP3, etc.


Engine operation

The GMC Canyon 2023 uses a V6 3.6L engine that delivers a maximum power of 308 horsepower at 6000-6800 RPM. The vehicle's maximum torque is 372Nm at 3000-4000 RPM. The manufacturer also equips the vehicle with various 7-speed automatic transmissions to enhance its performance on all terrains.


The Driving Experience

The 2023 GMC Canyon is equipped with the most superior engine among midsize pickup trucks currently available, combined with the most advanced technologies in its segment. These features have brought customers a powerful and agile driving experience.

Even when traveling on rugged terrain, the GMC Canyon remains a tough and sturdy "iron horse," maintaining the most stable performance.


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Fuel consumption

Pickup trucks are known for being the most fuel-consuming vehicles. However, the GMC Canyon 2023 brings a significant difference and this difference is also a great advantage, a big plus for this pickup truck.

The GMC Canyon is one of the top 10 models with the best fuel economy. Depending on the type of road, the vehicle has different fuel consumption levels. Specifically, for mixed roads, the vehicle can consume as little as 10.23 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

For urban roads, the vehicle consumes 11.76 liters of gasoline per 100 km. And for suburban roads, highways, the GMC Canyon 2023 will use 8.4 liters of gasoline for a distance of 100 km.



Equipped with safety features

As a midsize truck, the 2023 GMC Canyon is equipped with essential and necessary safety technology to ensure customers can feel more secure on every journey.

Specifically, the 2023 GMC Canyon has full safety equipment such as airbags, anti-lock brake system, emergency brakes, body stability, spare tire in case of emergencies, traction control, and hill start assist function.


2023 GMC Canyon Pricing

The 2023 GMC Canyon starts at $36,900. That’s for the Elevation trim in the Crew Cab/short bed configuration. It’s an extra $3,300 for 4-wheel drive, which comes as standard in the rest of the lineup. The top AT4X trim is $55.5K, but you could spend another $10K on options.

  • 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation: $36,900
  • 2023 GMC Canyon AT4: $43,900
  • 2023 GMC Canyon Denali: $51,000
  • 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X: $55,500

These are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) and do not include the $1,495 factory-to-dealer delivery fee (destination charge).

The usual midsize truck suspects like the Chevrolet ColoradoToyota TacomaNissan Frontier and Ford Ranger all start in the high 20s. The more specialized Honda Ridgeline and Jeep Gladiator are both priced from $38.8K.

Before buying a new Canyon midsize pickup, check the Carcover Fair Purchase Price to know what you should be paying. The Tacoma enjoys the strongest resale values; the Canyon’s are historically average.


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Compare with cars in the same segment

Compared to the Toyota Tacoma, the GMC Canyon offers a more refined interior with better materials and a more modern infotainment system. The Canyon also has a wider range of engine options, including a turbocharged diesel engine, which delivers exceptional torque and towing capacity. However, the Tacoma has a slightly better fuel economy, particularly with its base engine, and is generally considered more reliable than the Canyon.

When compared to the Ford Ranger, the GMC Canyon stands out with its more spacious cabin and more comfortable seats, particularly in the rear. The Canyon also offers a more powerful base engine and a more refined diesel engine option. However, the Ranger has a smoother ride and a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine option, which is particularly appealing to those looking for a more economical option.

Overall, the GMC Canyon 2023 is a strong contender in the midsize pickup truck segment, particularly for those looking for a comfortable and capable truck. It offers a range of engine options, a spacious and well-designed cabin, and impressive towing capacity. However, it falls short in terms of fuel efficiency compared to some of its rivals, and its reliability may not be as strong as some of its competitors.



In conclusion, the GMC Canyon 2023 is a solid choice for those in the market for a midsize pickup truck. It offers a range of engine options, a spacious and comfortable interior, and impressive towing capacity, making it a versatile vehicle for work or play. While it may not be the most fuel-efficient option in its class, it makes up for it with its powerful engine options and refined cabin. The Canyon also stands out with its sleek exterior design and user-friendly infotainment system. Overall, the GMC Canyon 2023 is a great option for those who prioritize power and comfort in their vehicle, and it's definitely worth considering in the highly competitive midsize pickup truck segment.


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Video 2023 GMC Canyon AT4 Review


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